Monthly Archives: April 2008

i used to be so much more interesting. a bitchy little kid. annoyed at everything. complaining about everything. now i’m just boring i hate my life. but i really don’t. i’m just pretending to hate it. nuclear power plant. unclear power plant. spell right. left.

118/125 medical schools require physics
116/125 medical schools require general chemistry
117/125 medical schools require organic chemistry
82/125 medical schools require biology

why is biology so randomly low!?

solv, solut (to loosen, explain) – absolve, dissolute, absolute

solvent, solute… mean the same thing!? so confusing. its just a matter of reference anyways. especially when they are 50/50 solutions.

its really annoying. it is hot now. so i open the door. and cold wind should flow in to cool everything. but it doesn’t. it just says there. then someone is working on something outside and poisonous fumes flow in! at least cold air should flow in! let me die without sweat.

white people in china is horrible. why is the forbidden kingdom made? wowow. what a no good movie.