Monthly Archives: January 2008

some guy from brokeback mountain died. didn’t really like that movie. was quite hyped because it was so omg controversial. oh well. i guess that is what sells. controversy and advertising. like that cloverfield movie. it’s so mysterious because it wasn’t really titled! until they did. and then everyone is like zomg its a movie where a guy is filming a movie and then he died and thats all they have left! so silly. but now its like one of the top grossing movies of all. so gross. like dead animals.

and it is raining outside.

its not like there’s anything to say. nothing to try to say anyways. it’s just a wasted effort. boring boring everyday. study study until death. not at all. there are lots of things to enjoy. like playing all day. and enjoying life. the present is all that matters. nothing else matters. why care about the future? it’s so unpredictable. i exist now. that is what is important. that’s why i should be as unproductive as possible. because at least i know it’s not a wasted investment. too bad there is some certainty of the future. and investment is always good. unless there is a recession. but life doesn’t really have a recession. only emotionally? physically? but not life. there’s no inflation in life. there are no bubbles. nothing to be popped.

He didn’t dress well, he didn’t pretend to be one of them. The people that ran that place, they didn’t think that he had anything they wanted. Except when they needed him. Because he was right. Which meant that nothing else mattered. They had to listen to him.

– House

run into a wall. then get over it. then fall down. then get up. find another wall. go around it. and see more walls. walls everywhere. getting over walls. falling off of walls. its no fun. walls block the view. can’t even see where one is going. it’s just trying doors. except it’s walls. that is harder. directionless. and everything is fine.

fonts are still ugly here (in the typing area. not what you see). but they are okay looking in wikipedia. so it depends on which one i will spend more time on. typing posts or reading wikipedia. probably wiki. since that is the source of all knowledge. it’s hard to fit in, so just don’t fit in. i guess. it’s fine. doesn’t matter anyways. because everyone is dead. don’t go down in sorrow. that is what 65daysofstatic told me. good advice. everyone would follow it. then there wouldn’t be annoying people in this world. but doesn’t going down mean sad, sorrow, depressing, negative verbs like that? can you go down in happiness? only up. not down.

a post for today. before i decide to shutdown and go cry in the corner.

anyways. apparently theres a link from to my site/blog, or something. it says people have been linked to my site 4 times this month from there. that is what my web analyzer thing tells me. i’m not really going to go check. or maybe i will. but you know. it’s kind of weird. it’s like backwards. usually the internet is tricky and harmless links trick people into going to porn sites. but then if someone was at, they must be watching some porn. why would they suddenly want to visit a blog!? so it must be backwards. a harmless porn link, turns out to be the opposite. and how pleasant it is to be my wonderful almost daily ramblings.

also, the fonts on linux are weird. i installed something for chinese stuff and then it changed my english fonts to ugly. but it’s okay. its just like notepad all day. i like monospace type fonts. because i’m ugly.

i really suck at sudoku. but it is okay. because i don’t like that game that much anyways. i only like tetris. that is a fun game. sudoku is no no.