Monthly Archives: December 2007

finally listening to ayumi hamasaki’s new album. guilty. currently on track 4/14. except track 1 is intro track. so far. all the songs are like. hard guitars. which is annoying. when she did it before it wasn’t that good. now shes like making a whole album with this. (dont know if its really the whole album). annoying ayumi. she should just go away. go back 4 albums ago and make great music.

wowow. just realized i’ve been posting almost everyday for the last week! or something. even if they are just like 2 word posts, i must be so bored to post so often.

is today really sunday? yea it is apparently. 2 more weeks of break. then back to school. and repeat. and stuff like that. repetitive stuff like this blog.

so much talk right now about nanjing (nanking) massacre, or rape of nanjing (nanking). whatever. since its like 70 years now. even taiwanese rap group machi makes some song about it. but yea. its so controversial because some people are like japan says they didn’t do it, and they say china is making it all up. but yea. i think it would be weird if japan really didn’t do it. and china really made it all up. its not unlikely, since china is like wowowo censor everything, no wikipedia, no tiananmen square, no dynasties either.

body worlds is quite interesting. lots of dead bodies and a dead horse. they are all plasticized and then muscles and body parts everywhere! and slices and cool stuff. and theres a guy that was blown up and pieces everywhere suspended. so interesting. germans are brilliant people for creating this. wowow.

fluctuation is annoying. creates this whole science called statistics and probability. things should be more certain. then life would be better. need happy life generators in this world.