Monthly Archives: November 2007

rofl. kaela kimura concerts have a more excited crowd than dir en grey. japanese people are weird.

lol annoying thing about converses. everyone wears them. and then when people bowl and change shoes, people leave early and mix up and take the wrong shoes. sometimes the wrong size too! i guess it isn’t so convenient to be a nonconformist or conformist or whatever.

deep wells must be dug, if you want clear water.

so the number i told pi to be rational. and then pi told i to get real.

the end.

i write here so i can talk all i want to everyone (no one). then i won’t have to talk to people in real life and virtual life is the best. too bad recently there are no things to say virtually. nothing at all. in this life and the other one.

woman in kansas. bored. wanted to learn how to make a website made a joke website about selling tumbleweeds. and then she really gets orders. and so she fills them. now shes a professional tumbleweed seller. sells to NASA, hollywood, and barney! yatta.

website is down at the moment i think. use google cache or whatever.

everything is different. so you can never find another same one, so its irreplaceable. its all wrong. there’s always something better. which makes it replaceable. better is better. that’s why it is called better. same thing applies. there’s always better. there’s always worse too, but no one cares about those. useless.