Monthly Archives: October 2007

its like skip every other day in posts. halloween is today. it was pretty cloudy and foggy this morning. almost like it was going to rain. and now its sunny. ish. there was earthquake yesterday. was alright. fault line omgomg. so much damage. breaking away. forming larger continent. or just breaking into pieces. would the stuff in the middle of the earth come up if california is breaking away? then there would be more land. maybe that is why the water level is going up. if the plates move continents into pieces. and then they move into ocean. what happened to place before? it doesn’t seem to be getting watery. so it must be getting filled with more land. which means that global warming isn’t the cause of ocean levels rising. its just that there is the same volume and less container. global warming doesn’t exist.

i got a pamphlet today that was like zomg stop animal cruelty. it says “if everyone just cut their meat consumption in half, billions of animals would be spared from suffering.” and i say no. because then the animals wont be geting killed. so it worsens conditions. and all these cruel ways they treat the animals! omg. back of pamphlet says “vegan outreach”. stupid vegans. growing plants is pretty cruel too. bad for the soil. rapes the soil of its nutrients. makes glomeromycota fungi work extra hard for all the crops that are planted in such a small area. trees getting cut down to make farmland. killing all the original ecosystem. using fertilizer because the soil isn’t good enough anymore. the only good reasons for being a vegetarian or at least cutting down on meat consumption is that it is healthier, since proteins are annoying to digest. and also that it saves energy, since meat requires plants to feed animals, and there is great loss. but not this compassion for animals nonsense.

there is really nothing to write about. halloween is tomorrow. i dont have any crossdressing clothing. i break 3 years of consistency. oh well. change is good.

im just memorizing now! no need to think. life is great! i love it when school is like this. so much fun! omg.!

SLEEPY. cant even concentrate on tetris. world is ruined. listening to world’s end girlfriend. memorize parts of the heart. need to. i dont know. it ends.

no good. study. do nothing. study. more. nothing to write about. nothing to talk about. its all the same anyways. same thing everyday. should just accept it. it is just routine. no need to make it seem special everyday. because then it would just be the same again. unescapable. that looks like a weird word. don’t even know if it is real. always talk about the words that seem weird to me. because i am not educated enough to see if they are correct or not. right leg is not as flexible as the left. at least the right sartorius muscle. it is the longest muscle in the body. it is cool. its hard to remember. because it reminds me of no other word. so i can’t remember it.

3 tests done. time for another on tuesday. yayayay!

after another game of tetris.

it ruins lives.

I declare war on the world
War in outer space
I declare war in a nutshell
War all over the place

I declare war on the war against drugs

World war three – be all that you can be

lol. i love kmfdm.