Monthly Archives: September 2007

hi. how long. how long. until i see you. we were so young and old. we were so young and old. says gregor samsa. the band. inspired by the metamorphosis book by krafka. or something. franz kafka. apparently. germans. there were germanic people in europe. now they split into many countries. including germany. theres also celtic people. and slavic people. and all those others. now they are all in different countries. maybe they should all group up together and reform countries. theres too many countries in europe. they should change back to what they really are. just like how people are like zomg taiwanese people are the same as chinese people. they should reform. vietnamese people also came from china. they should add into china. japanese people too. koreans too. we’re all black. we should all be part of nigeria. one nation!

the cool thing about science is that everything is modelled. equations are found for everything. and then people use it to find other things. problem is the conditions are always ideal. like no interactions with each other. infinite time. stuff like that. so then the smart scientists model up a new correction factor. so make their ideal model into another ideal model that has less idealness. but it is still ideal for some parts, and that must be changed. so in the end. there is nothing that is constant. everything is variable. that sucks.

lol. FIR’s new cd. has track 8 to be called “forever green”. and then the track 9 as “blue doors ahead”. and not regarding whatever lyrical content, all it does is make me think of taiwan’s politics! because green is the color of the DPP party that is like zomg taiwan is free country. and blue is the color of the KMT party that is like zomg taiwan is part of china! and so its like wowowow more political propaganda. oh well! its funny.

the cool thing about america is that america is that it has eating disorders from both sides of the spectrum. anorexic and bulimics. and also obese people! its like people either eat too much or eat too little. fat people taking all the skinny people’s foods. like that other problem in america about rich people being too rich and poor people being too poor. but that one is okay. just be on the rich side. the eating disorder is harder to decide.

trapezium bone is a bone in the carpals, the wrist. trapezium muscle is on on the back. works out perfectly.

i dont like it when professor is like there’s so much material in this book! theres two years of organic chemistry in the book but we only have one year of organic chemistry! so ill teach half and you learn the other half. maybe they shouldn’t have organic chemistry as a one year course if the book is like that. or maybe get a book thats only for one year. oh well. its all learning by self anyways. all the ochem teachers at uop suck!

remember back then when there was that “the end of the world” flash animation!? with australia being wtf. and meteors and shit shit. fire missiles. and stuff like that. it was like 3-4 years ago. anyways. watched that again. its quite the interesting flash. and nike hired that kid that made it. and back then i was stupid and was like maybe i could be like that! so i failed miserably. and now i’m more realistic. but i’m still failing.