Monthly Archives: August 2007

zomg change schedule tomorrow/today. lack of updates. need school to start. kind of tomorrow. but only classes after 3. dont know why. have one class after 3. but dropping it and replacing it with thermodynamics. so too bad. no class. hopefully.

got my keys today. the day after i move in. lols. this school is so magical. zomgomg.

moved in. it feels good to be at school. kind of. cant wait for school to start. after i get everything signed. major added. and classes changed. and everything going my way. hopefully. then ill be happy. if not. cry.

Recent Regents’ Scholarship winners had a 3.87 average high school GPA and a composite SAT reading and math score of 1337.

bored. so reading school catalog and stuff. and 1337 appeared. so cool zomg. moved all my music to other computer. so i only have like 2 songs on this computer. keep listening to the same songs. have them all memorized by now. lolol. and now looking through transfer agreements between community college and school. time to email and complain that my stuff isn’t transferring and being articulated. and then hopefully they will be nice and fix it all. and then i will have no more general education anymore. except for pacific seminar 3. cant get out of that.

its weird that the audio and video in my dreams aren’t completely synced. the audio is about two seconds faster than the video. so i was like huh. and got completely confused. so weird. there was also a mosquito in the room yesterday. annoying things. ended its life.

is IQ measured by by mental age / physical age * 100? because they should stop saying there are kids that are 14 that are geniuses with 145+. because its so much easier for young kids to be geniuses. say theres a 1 year old with 2 year old mental age, then he has 200 IQ? WOWO genius! then he continues at his same rate, and hes 2 with 3 mental age. too bad hes only 150 IQ now. so yea. people are always complaining that we spend billions of dollars to educate the retarded and dont spend so much for the gifted. gifted people should find things for themselves to do. people shouldn’t have to help them. and they should be really wowwed when they are like 25 if they still have genius numbers. or whatever.

rewatched dolls. greatest movie ever. almost. so sad. its like the most ideal. except not really. too bad the world will never be like that.

rewatched beginning of ping pong. so funny. like the intro.

“dont jump! you’ll die.”
“yes. you won’t amount to much if you’re dead.”
“i won’t die. i’m going to fly!”
“i can touch the moon no problem”
“yes! thats the spirit!”
“i can fly!!”