Monthly Archives: August 2007

calculus is beautiful. i’m happy i’m in pchem:thermo. get to learn all these cool multivariable calculus things that i didn’t really learn when i took the class. so wonderful. the derivatives and all. also meteor shower tonight/tomorrow morning. maybe will see. they dont have a word for today’s morning. they shouldn’t have tonight then. it should be today’s night.

dna needs protein to replicate. protein needs dna to be written. which one came first? huh. like chicken and egg. even in the egg, when its developing, which one is formed first? huhuh. chicken and egg in the chicken and egg.

another annoying physics to chemistry change. change in internal energy = Q – W in physics. and then in chemistry its change in internal energy = Q + W. just that W is a negative number usually. or something. annoyances.

once i read a claim that evolution and the 2nd law of thermodynamics contradict each other and can’t both be true, so evolution can’t be true. kind of makes sense. since the 2nd law of thermo says entropy of universe increases. disorder! and evolution claims things get better. which means more order. but the thermo law says its the whole universe, so things can get more ordered and the rest gets more disordered. or maybe that getting more complex and better is really disorder. or maybe the 2nd law of thermodynamics is wrong. or maybe both are wrong. everything is so unsure.

i like how the people the run DC++ is like a secret society. so mysterious and cool. its so interesting.

“Expecting the world to treat you fairly because you are good is like expecting the bull to not charge because you are a vegetarian.”

quote found in profile. quite lol. too bad i still want the world to be fair. and i want to be bad. that would be ideal. you know. but i’m not good and the world isn’t fair. so its like i eat meat, and the bull still charges. i like meat. but im cutting down some. bad for people. proteins. too many nitrogens. i guess.