Monthly Archives: July 2007

cleaning out under my bed!

wowowo. lots of modems, and networking stuff. lots of motherboards. lots of old cpus. theres even the old pentium 1!!! 90 mhz! best thing there was. and harddrives. and lots of ram. and stuff like that. so fun.

wowow linux is hard to use. hard to install programs. because there are so many ways to do it. and each different thing requires a different way. i think i want to change back to windows. too bad i spent so much time playing around with linux, it makes me feel like it was all a waste. i will figure this out.

four years ago. “SUMMER SCHOOL ENDED TODAY!” kind of like today! maybe. it ended. no final yet though. thats on thursday. so wowowow. its the same in 4 years. life is so routine. same year after year. except every year i get older. vision gets worse. and i feel like dying when i wake up. not really that bad.

hello people. it’s time to recycle. who cares about recycling for the environment?! its not enough to make a difference! we’re still using stuff. environment is an annoying word. that n in the middle before the m really throws me off. anyways. entropy always increases. and all that stuff. evolution will let us better adapt. in fall semester, i wrote the final essay about how i hate the world and everything is meaningless and silly emo stuff like that. and used lots of biology, chemistry, and economics as evidence. so then the teacher was like zomg and he emailed me back and was like “i may not agree, but i feel like i finally heard your voice.” and stuff like that. and i was like yayay. maybe ill get an A! too bad i got a B+. sigh. i hate pacific seminar. hopefully it wont count in gpas for other schools.

anyways. i was going to recycle old posts from before. but i guess i dont need to.

i really do not understand the hype that is harry potter. when i read the first few, i couldn’t remember all the spells and stuff. oh well. i guess people like it. just like they like iphones. or playstation 3. or whatever that makes people wait in lines. people must like waiting in lines. i feel so out of place. i dont like waiting in lines. nothing i feel so passionate about. so dull. what a dull world.

anyways. my neighbor seems to like to play with bb guns a lot. he has his friend come over and they have their rifles in their backyard. and i can see them through my window. and they just shoot everywhere in the backyard. i think they were shooting birds too. annoying sounds.

i hear a lot of radiohead’s creep on the radio these days. which is good, i guess. good song amongst all the usual bad stuff. and yea. sometimes they play red hot chili peppers, which is alright. anyways. creep is a great song. too bad its like the only radiohead song they ever play on the radio and radiohead hates that song because its the song that made them all famous and the song that people only wanted to hear. so yea. its the only song they play on the radio now. poor radiohead. cant get other songs on radio. oh well.

all miracles can be explained by a trick. but that doesn’t mean it is a trick. wowowow deep things that i learn from trick, the drama. maybe.