Monthly Archives: July 2007

the chemical society or whatever runs all of the chemistry in this world should really redo that pH system. its really annoying. some fool decided to measure acidity with a negative log. so then the more acidic a solution is, the lower the number! more protons is less number! completely makes sense. so much sense. wowowow.

You aren’t being punished. You just haven’t been rewarded yet.

it was on postsecret this week. kind of good to know. i guess. but it sucks if it feels like theres no reward anyways. or if it is too far away. then it is punishment.

hi good friends. the days are boring. study study. test test. everything is a test. getting good grades. getting good friends. getting a good job. even death is a test. tests everywhere. im a bad test taker. i fail at life.

whats with all these new rules at great america. take off glasses on every single ride! wowowow. its stuck to me. and air is blowing in my face. blowing the glasses into my face. but they still make us them all off. oh well. the rides aren’t so scary when i cant see anything. and blood rushing into head doesn’t feel so good. lots of pain. roller coasters are too fast.

chrisxors: you say toe-may-toe or toe-mah-toe?
chrisxors: well i’ll say solanum lycopersicum …

back in kindergarten or 1st grade or some lame ignorant age, i wrote that my dream job was to be a hamburgermaker at burger king. such high aspirations. my teacher even talked to my parents about how i was going to achieve this great feat. anyways. its like 10+ years later. and im have not achieved it yet. i’m pretty pathetic.

histology is over! yayayay! all over. no more of that staining and skins and layers of tissues that all look weird. and messy. no more. no more. 4 more weeks until the beginning of fall. then death. and life. and everything. and i read some inspirational quote about how bumblebees shouldn’t be able to fly. and how we should be like bumblebees and not be restrained by aerophysics or whatever. and so i was like. physics would be wrong then. so i searched it up. and its just some stupid thing that was spread around. like lemmings committing mass suicide. that was from disney. disney is evil.