Monthly Archives: June 2007

did i post this before also? i think its brilliant. i mean. i think i’m brilliant.

watching bubbles float away is really depressing.
no matter how far away they fly,
they just fall down and die.

have i posted this before? i dont know

it’s a waste of time to kill time. you don’t kill time. time kills you.

i like how internet security is like zomg now. too many hackers and stuff now. went to paypal to check something before. then i clicked the wrong link and pressed back. and then wowowo! my account gets locked. limited access. apparently third party trying to access my account. have to verify password, something else, and then my address and phone number. this happened at school, so i couldn’t pick up the phone when they call. so i wait until now. apparently my address was already verified before, so i cant use it again. so i have to call and get it lifted. so many problems. just like the school website. logs out every now and then when i press back. because people would really like to check my grades and pay my tuition. cant even register me for classes because they need access codes.

wowowo my motherboard im selling has already been bid up to $50! i hope its not the broken piece. hopefully its the cpu, not motherboard. cpu is only at 99 cents still. sigh.

playing with computers. i love computers. they are so inhuman. and have no emotions. it makes me feel like i can connect with them. not really. anyways. my computer that died had a sata harddrive. and thats too good for the other computers. or something. so i went and got a sata harddrive enclosure to make it an external. after i finish copying everything over, i’m going to return the enclosure. i’m so mean. then i dont know how to do with my sata harddrive. no computer here works with it. but its not worth much either. oh well. study o chem. finish infrared spectroscopy today. that is my goal. then histology online class starts tomorrow. i love online classes.

one of my computers died at home. i know its not the power supply. but i dont have any equal ish computers to swap back and forth to figure out how which is broken. so im taking the soundcard and putting that into another computer and then selling everything. someone will complain that the part they recieved doesn’t work. then i’ll know what was broken. anyways. windows update is stupid. because it requires updates to be able to update. lol.

i’m more afraid of public speaking than organic chem. sigh. next semester is going to be tough. and the semester after. and after. and after. then im done. hopefully.