Monthly Archives: June 2007

so i sold off my computer parts. 4 parts. 2 buyers named kenneth. odd isn’t it. no. its just chance.

so i watched curse of the golden flower or something. that sort of new chinese movie. my dad was like wtf why do all the girls have such huge chests. this is china. and then when the movie ended and jay chou was singing his song, my was was laughing because he says jay chou cant even speak chinese. yea. his acting was pretty bad. and everything about that movie. zhang yimou makes weird asian movies. except hero. that was alright.

isn’t anti addition supposed to be subtraction? no. its just adding to the wrong sides. apparently. o chem is weird.

either i’m missing a lot of the material in histology or it just isn’t a lot of material. it seems like there’s so much less to remember. maybe it’s because everything seems like very little just after 5 weeks to finish all of bio 51. no more memorizing all the phylums of junk in one day. or maybe i’m not reading all the histology.

god, i hope my motherboard isn’t the part that is broken. its the most expensive part apparently. i guess since they dont change as fast as cpus or videocards or ram. but omgomg. it better not be broken. ochem is fun. studied so much of it. studying it more than histology. which is a bad thing. histology is interesting too, its just that all the pictures of tissue look the same. not really. but they always look like something else. and they cant agree to use the same stain, so colors are always different!

i play a lot of solitaire to prepare myself for all the failure in the future. why is it that solitaire gets so close. and then always that one card is hidden under. sighsigh. every time too!

technology is so annoying. when you call technical support or some other company, they dont have “press 1 for this, press 2 for that…”. instead they are like “say this for this, say that for that.” balbhalbhahb. its annoying. it doesn’t speed things up. it slows things down. because computers need to use voice recognition and stuff. and figure it all out. useless technology! means nothing. it doesn’t even feel like im talking to a real person. i just say 2 words and they talk so much. its not a real conversation! stop using technology to make things just for using the technology. sigh.