Monthly Archives: May 2007

summer school day 9. (16 days left.)

everything is biology is “almost” everything fits in this category. please write something with everything please. its wrong if its almost. its like. 1+1=2, almost all the time. only 23 hours out of the day. the other hour, it doesn’t work. biology needs to find something for everything. today i bought something from the school grocery store. turns out it was expired. so i returned it. and they were like “zomg we have our first real refund!”. so i should feel special i win.

plants are supposed to have vascular tissue. but theres the bryophytes, which are plants that dont have vascular tissue. still a plant. they include mosses and stuff. theres some mosses that have vascular tissue, but they are still ‘nonvascular’.

…huh. bad taxonomy.

summer school day 8. (17 days left.)

what i learned today. trees. theres a lot. bacteria annoy me. fungi aren’t so fun either. oh well. bye.

biology is retarded. they name “watermelon snow”, which is when snow turns red, a cholorphyta, which is green algae. WOWOW red is not green. kthx. maybe color is a homologous trait that can be evolved from different ways. please dont classify things by color.

summer school day 7. (18 days left.)

today i learned its hard to have sex if you cant move. poor fungus. they just have to grow their hyphae really far and thats all they can do. and mushrooms are annoying. they can be poisonous too. i knew that. wowowow. too much to learn.

This is the Anti-Chain

If you are cursed by the chain letters let your curse be cleansed. The cycle ends here you are safe now. If you have tried to make a chain letter then let that curse be cast apon you! You are cleansed.Repost this if you’d like.

summer school day 6. (19 days left.)

not really. today was memorial day. so theres no school. but i forgot to take that into account when i first started my countdown. so i guess i have to do that today. to make it more correct. or it will be weird to jump a day. or i will have to go back and edit all the posts before. i am listening to the new back horn album. its alright. the concept is 悲しみを見つめて、希望を描く, which apparently is like look into your sadness and trace hope. well, from the chinese characters. but japanese people dont know how to copy, so it could mean something completely different.