Monthly Archives: March 2007

i eat too much pretzels. i can eat a one pound bag in like 1 sitting. but i need so much water to dilute it all. so i dont eat too much. its like. eating dry bread and sea water. its delicious. salt is my love. too bad ill get high blood pressure and explode.

lol. go watch re-cycle. hong kong movie. with a bad translation. the title should be ghost town or something. but its like a horror movie. with some girl writing a book. and then suddenly. shes in some weird place. and she meets her aborted daughter. and weird stuff happens! and everyone dies. and dead people come alive. and stuff flies around. and dust. yesyes.

i hate haircuts. especially the cheap ones in stockton. free haircuts are better than those cheap ones. they are so bad. oh well. updates are very unfrequent. because i am not interested in this anymore. too bad.

almost free pearl milk tea is great! world in a cup. free drinks and stuff. after paying 1$ for entering. wowowowow. so i took 4. mmm.

life is great. 6.5 weeks of school left. or something. wednesday sucks. it is difficult on wednesdays. summer school housing info is out. wowowow so expensive. but not as expensive as taking classes. so its super expensive. i hate being pharm. because i have to take all my classes here. if i was dent or some other lame major, then i can take all my classes outside. and then i wouldn’t have to deal with hard o chem here. or whatever. i’m tired of school. i started biting my fingers again. bad habits. but whatever. difficulty breathing. its okay. dont need too much oxygen.

i just watched “kimi wa petto” (you are my pet) drama. in 110 minutes. 4x speed. and just read subtitles and think very fast to what is happening. i hate dramas because they always make things so damn slow. and that annoyed me. so i sped everything up. they should do that more. long cuts are annoying. they are only good when they are in movies made by kitano. with like 5 minute still shots. ha.

lolol. cant sign up for anatomy for fall semester. because i need both grades for bio 51 and 61. and i’m taking bio 51 over the summer, which means i wont have a grade for it yet. so, oh well. and i cant sign up for any backup bio classes. becuase they all need 51 and 61. and i dont need anymore ge’s. so i’m useless. i am nothing.