Monthly Archives: February 2007

im wondering. did the chinese people adopt the question mark. or did they develop that themselves? because it would be such a coincidence that western people and chinese people both made the ? themselves because it looks the same in both. japanese people dont use question marks, they just write a ka character at the end of the sentence. chinese people do have a ma character at the end of questions. so the question mark isn’t really needed. maybe they did just copied it. but then how come all questions always go up in pitch at the end of the sentence. that is weird. questions to ponder.

they make such weird toothbrushes these days. like colgate 360. or whatever. it has circles and everything. and the other side has a tongue brush or something. i think its pretty weird. why dont they just sell industrial strength dentist toothbrushes or something. i think we can figure out how to use those.

why do books always have the harder questions on the even problems, but only give answers to the odd problems. if i want to attempt a hard problem, i need to know if i got it right! wowowow.

the more chemistry i learn, the more i feel that all of these models are very false. it seems like everything is made up. and its always corrected to fit. like any equation in chem with constants. its always temperature dependent. which means its not really a constant. so it always changes. and that just changes the equation. and delta S is also temperature dependent. so thats a problem too. molecular bonding models are always weird. like that hybridization. it explains one thing. so then MO’s are made. and then that explains something else. and nothing fits! wowowowo. chem is lame.

just kidding. tomorrow is chinese new year. oh well. it was still a good day.

home is fun. it is alright. today is chinese news year. and i am now 20 years old. in chinese years! yayayay. i am so old. harharharhar. whatever. three day weekend. chemistry needs studying. i dont like school. but i like living at school. i just dont want to go to school. it is boring and miserable. miserable. miserable. mizerable. i think that is a gackt cd or something. miserable with a z. good day.

roommate and i drink too much water. run out really quickly. it is almost chinese new year. i can go home and study. because theres a test the wednesday after. i’m glad i dropped AXE (that frat. but i dont really know if i should write AXE or AXS, since its a sigma. oh well.) because yesterday, the pledges were supposed to tag two of the rocks around the school. and another frat came along and wanted to tag also. so they got into arguments. and then police came and wrote them all up. so yayayay. im happy im gone from that nonsense. i cant remember anything from the pac sem readings. i can remember stuff from chemistry and biology reading. and i dont read for physics. i haven’t really opened that book yet.