Monthly Archives: February 2007

nothing to do these days. just study. then study more. once monday comes along, everything is over. i think. hopefully. because the monday after that doesn’t exist. it is spring break. can go home and do nothing. because no one has spring break at that time. good. i hate everyone anyways. ilove replication forks and dna polymerase.

i wish i was a prokaryote bacteria thing. then my dna would be in a loop or something. and then i wouldn’t have that annoying problem of losing some dna everytime it was replicated. good thing eukaryote friends all have some telomeres or something at the ends of dna that is just nonsense that can be lost. too bad i want to be able to replicate infinite times. not only a few times before i start eating into my dna. oh well.

converses suck for the rain. feet are always wet. i am drowning. i need new shoes. too bad i dont want to buy new shoes. costs too much money.

“nobody likes minus signs. they are negative experiences.” – physics professor.

finished season one of house! yayayay. okay now i have to go to san francisco for one of my classes. help the homeless and stuff like that. the whole weekend.

sachiko m is a great noise musician! she just has high pitched notes made from feedback or something like that. she plugs in input into output plugs or the other way around. and then theres noises and stuff! its pretty cool. it raises blood pressure a lot. and hurts my ears. and probably destroys my speakers.

today. there was FINALLY calculus in my calculus-based physics class! zomgomgogm. i was so excited when i saw that integral. too bad the professor doesn’t believe working too hard on equations and stuff. so we used a calculator to integrate 100-4x. sigh. makes me sad.