Monthly Archives: January 2007

its really dry here. i think. or i’m not eating enough vegetables or something. or im just dying. i had 3 bloody noses the last two days. its great fun. bleeding from the nose. one of those times, i looked at my biology book. and then blood started pouring out. its weird. biology is great! im supposed to study right now. but im listening to ‘maximum the hormone’. some random japanese indie band. i think they are indie. they are too weird to be mainstream. but it is kind of like system of a down. with happy punk rock. hahahahhaah. oh well. study study. that is all we can do here.

bohr got a nobel prize for getting the correct answer the wrong way. i like how in school, they always teach all the wrong ways first. then they fix everything later on. kind of like my chem ap teacher. when he taught gas laws, he didn’t tell us to use kelvin tempertures in pv=nrt. he said college will straighten us out.

ProjectJ is back!!! the website that basically got me into japanese music! when i first found it, i listened to like every band that was listed on there. found shiina ringo from there. and fra-foa! wowowow. too bad it was like last updated in 2002. and then one day it disappeared. in like early 2006 or something. and now its back! but under .org instead of .net. but whatever! the site is back and updated!! wowowow

i dont really care if our rights are restricted at schools. school is for getting good grades. and i really suck at giving speeches. i already said that two days ago. but its good to repeat things.

chinese metal bands (the ones from china, not taiwan, hong kong, or some other chinese speaking area) are so weird. they sample a lot of random things. theres one song that samples like a bunch of random news stations. and one that samples a bunch of american metal songs. like slipknot or mudvayne or stuff like that. and now im listening to a song that samples counterstrike! wowowowow. more random things please. wahtever. and they are weird also because they use simplified chinese. and it looks ugly. and i cant read it. not like i could read that much traditional chinese anyways. oh well.

im so bad at giving speeches. and i never talk in class. i hate talking in front of people. its so hard to change too. i wish i could change. but i cant. im a loser. im a creep. i wish i will have some quiet job in the future. just hide and do my job. but i cant. because im supposed to be a pharmacist. and we need to talk to people. i hate people. maybe research? but then what am i going to do. ill need a phd for that also. and dont get paid that much for research. oh well. maybe ill just. i dont know. i’m just going to drink green tea. because it tastes great.

today physics professor basically said that if you didn’t know that integrals were areas, then you were a failure. failed life and everything. don’t understand anything either. good thing i know integrals are areas. i am not a failure. because of that. but i could fail from other things.