Monthly Archives: January 2007

i think i will change to a glucose-only diet. anything else is just inefficent for my cells.

almost 1/12 done with this year. wowowowo.

i think its good to be able to read chinese. then i would have realized that these packets of food that my mom gave me were actually pineapple cake. i suddenly realized that when i remembered the first character. and guessed the rest. so now i have like 20 pineapple cakes. and green tea. life is great.

i wish people would be more passive. life would be better.

木村カエラ – あの頃
Kimura Kaela – Those Times

Hey you,
do you remember those times?
It’s not that you should ever forget them
[they] were like a dream…

If we could turn over a page,
I want to go back to those times

I didn’t know that
everyone is happily tied together

But, but
we can’t go back anymore
But in that case,
I will cry some more

Hey you,
As far as I’m concerned, you’re a wonderful person
We aren’t together right now, and so I can’t be sure

If I realized it at the time,
I wouldn’t have left you alone

There was so much pain
that I couldn’t put my arms around [you]

But, but
we can’t go back anymore
[let me] go back to those times once more

But, but
we can’t go back anymore
What are you doing [now]?
Are you happy?

i hate lab. always gives me headaches. good thing today we made aspirin. it was supposed to be crude aspirin so it would be useless and would probably kill us instead. but whatever. gets rid of headaches. too bad my aspirin got all weird. and i got very little of it. and then during the recrystalization, i got nothing. eh. harhar i love life.

lolol windows vista is incomplete. service pack 1 is already under development. lololol. i want that ultimate bill gates edition. so cool. even the box looks fancy. like the user interface. too bad you need a super computer to run vista. like one of those old computers that look up a room. except with the latest parts.

today my physics professor accidentally forgot the arrow above the variable to show its a vector. and when he found out he was freaking out. like omgomgomg we need that arrow. i need to respect my numbers and equations. omgomogm.g ggom. today i learned that if i dont respect and love my equations then they wont treat me well either. oh well.

the world officially ends on tuesday. with release of windows vista. wowowow use more resources for pretty things please. i want simple. i want windows 95 with improved features! not graphics! i dont want animated recycle bins! i dont want three dimensions. i want two! goddamnit.