Monthly Archives: December 2006

last post of the year. so i bring you.
what i want to do / new year resolutions / whatever:

– study harder. (harder classes will need harder studying i think, so it will be an easy one.)
– learn enough chinese to read newspaper. (mom says 500 characters. 2 a day? eh.)
– learn to talk taiwanese instead of being only able to listen. (or just learn more.)
– be able to understand cantonese conversation. (diu ne lo mo. ham ga ling. pok gai.)
– learn liebestraume on piano. (its only 4 pages. too bad my hands aren’t that strong)
– less idle sitting. (but what to replace that with?)
– i know! watch more movies. like trying to finish all of kitano, miike, kurosawa films. (and more chinese movies too.)
– save money.
– talk more. practice speaking in front of large crowds. (so i dont fail public speaking when i take it next school year.)
– find out what i want to do. (not like i can change.)
– care more.
– don’t do all of this. (this way, i will never be able to finish this whole list. and i can be the failure i am.)

happy new year. 1 more year.

dir en grey is pretty funny. so they got one music video in america. saku. its a horrible video. about kids and cockroaches and death. or something like that. so mtv’s headbangers ball (the show that does all the hard rock blahbalhbahb) had some voting thing to vote the best video. and saku was somewhere in the nominees. but mtv was stupid. because they allowed multiple votes. so, since dir en grey has rabid crazy fangirls and whatever. they all voted a billion times each. so dir en grey got first. rofl. and the host of the show was like wtf. “you guys will NEVER guess who got best metal video of the year.” rofl. he was pretty pissed off. stupid stupid.

chengekinsucks: you know what
chengekinsucks: the women’s bathroom was closed yesterday
chengekinsucks: so i went into the men’s
chengekinsucks: and nobody said anything


東京事変 「落日」

turn left, turn right is a cool movie. its about these two people that met as kids and were like <333. but girl lost boy’s phone number. so they never got each other’s calls. and then in the future. they meet again. and they trade phone numbers. and then it rains. and it gets smeared. and so they cant ever reach each other. its a funny movie though. since they live right next to each other. only 1 wall between them. and they never know. and they are always near each other. but they never know. harharharh. cantonese people are funny. especially when they make movies in taiwan. so they speak mandarin. and its weirdly pronounced. but whatever. easier for me to understand, since they talk slower. no one in that movie could speak good mandarin. since takeshi kaneshiro is half japanese half taiwanese, so he speaks more japanese. and gigi leung is from hong kong. oh well.

usps is the lamest thing ever. i bought something on ebay. and it was supposed to arrive today or tomorrow. and from my room i can see the mailbox. so around the time that the mail comes, i look out the window and see the usps car drive. they were putting in the mail. and then they got in front of my house. my package is going to require a signature, so that mail carrier woman should get out of the car and walk towards my house. she didn’t do that. so i guess my package tomorrow. so after my 3 hour nap, i wake up. and my mom put a “sorry we missed you!” paper telling me to go pick that package at the post office. and its dated today. wowow. didn’t even come out and ring the doorbell. lazier, please!

accepted. is an odd movie. kid cant get into college so he makes a fake college. and blahblahbahla. it teaches you that rejects need to get accepted sometimes. and that good instutions are evil and anarchy is best. something like that. i think that that idea of “chasing your dreams” at college and “learning what you want” is a stupid excuse to have this fake college where people just do whatever. there needs to be rules. and, if you chose a major that you like, then you can chase your dreams and learn what you want. your own fault if you didn’t choose an interest. and plus, its not the “best days of our lives” because if it was, then there would be no meaning to live after because it cant get better. kill yourself.


Taking the genre to new lengths, Japan’s Toei has unfurled “Exte,” a horror pic about hair extensions that attack the women that wear them.

but it has chiaki kuriyama. i need to see.