Monthly Archives: November 2006

education is depressing. in chemistry, we learn that there is something called entropy. and we will all fall apart and become atom particles and never form back together again. you cant stop that! in biology, there’s evolution. we’re just another step, we’re a random accident, we won’t exist in a few more years. too bad we can’t stop mutations. in economics, everyone is greedy and no one will share. thats why people want profits. and thats why they wont get any. in math, there’s numbers that never end. and they describe the world. we’re all doomed. doomed to doomage. even in art, it fell apart once people stopped drawing what they saw. and drew what they percieved. i hate school.

college is so overrated. it’s not that fun. tomorrow is going to be horrible. because it is wednesday. i hate wednesdays. but it is a new day. i guess i can try to make it great. too bad i cant. i fail. like a failure. ua is a cool word in swahili. it means flower or kill. i want to be named ua. days with nothing to do are depressing because they are times to think and thinking always creates problems. same with boring classes. they are depressing also. whatever! almost done with one semester. not really. 3 more weeks, then final week. then christmas. then a few weeks. then back again. life is dull. but that is what school is preparing us all for, right? a dull life. theres a scheduled outage at 7PM for blogger today. so i have to finish writing something before then or else i cant publish this post. which probably would be a good thing. since this post is just crying and complaining. without the crying part. because it would be weird. yes it would be.

whatever happened to mucc!? what happened to the band that was all about despair. and faking suicides. and telling all the fuckers in this world to go die?! whatever happened to being sick of dreams. being sick of life?! now they are all happy and balloons and dancing and frolicking in the fields. and wearing glasses! it must have been the name change. oh well.

i hate school. especially lab. why am i doing this? i dont care about people’s health. fix your own body.

okay, i spoke too soon. the first half of the album sucks. the 2nd half is decent sad music. what i expect from ayumi. so is it still worth buying? hm.

the new ayumi hamasaki album SUCKS. like the last three albums. or whatever. omg. so bad. no wonder she is not jpop queen anymore. but the cd i dont know if i want to buy it. because ive bought every one of her albums from before. am i going to let this one album break the tradition?! i still have chance to preorder it. because if i buy it, it has to be the limited edition one. since my last 2 albums were both limited edition versions. thats another tradition also. harhar. but i think its good to stop buying ayumi albums now. i will now switch to shiina ringo! i guess. sigh. disgusting album. sigh.