Monthly Archives: October 2006

another thing about that indian movie that made it different and cool. the way the person died wasn’t cancer or leukemia or some other cancer. it was just heart attack. which makes MUCH more sense symbolically.

you know, i still dont know if rin toshite shigure’s lead singer is a boy or girl. i know the background singer is a girl. but is that singer a boy or girl!? sometimes he sounds like a boy. sometimes she sounds like a girl. s/he has a high voice. and s/he looks like a girl. but also a boy. aguhahgh! and they aren’t visual kei. they aren’t boys that dress up as girls. its odd that its easier to tell visual kei bands. but not these bands that dress normally! wtfwtf.

so i watched this movie called “kal ho naa ho”. it’s an indian movie. and it’s 3 hours long. and the title means “tomorrow may or may not come”. and therefore, it was quite emo. so here’s the story. girl is sad. and she hates her life. her friend is boy2. boy2 loves girl. then boy1 comes into girl’s life. girl loves boy1. boy1 loves girl. but boy1 has to die. therefore boy1 tries to make girl love boy2. so girl can have love when he is dead. it’s pretty sad. sadder than most of the normal emo dramas. i guess that is why it won 16 awards. anyways. i am confused about the time. because daylight savings is lame lame!

i have a pound of pretzels. so good. salt and dry things. love love love. buy me pretzels. there was a frat party today/yesterday. since it is past midnight. but its pretty cool. i walked over. and then there was a huge bouncer with a beer can costume. and he said we needed to wear a costume to go in. so we walked away. and went home and cried. since we’re not accepted. and then since we didn’t even get into the party, we cant even drink our sorrows away. oh well. it was kind of scary anyways, since all these huge white people and smoking and weird stuff. so i just played kungfu with a swiffer.

the new eisbrecher album is quite awesome. its really industrial/dance. and wow. i heard samples before and i was like wow wtf. they sound so bad now. and then i decided to listen to the album. and it is quite cool. its nice how every song fades into each other. awesome awesome. i like eisbrecher again. much better than eisbrecher (the album), which was more rock. with electronics. this one is more industrial. wowowo!. beautiful. anyways. saw 3 came out today. need to watch.!

wow. i opened up my lab notebook. and the edge of a page was eaten up by that acid. sigh.

someone was smoking in the dorm or something. and then its central air conditioning. so yay. everyone can enjoy strong second hand smoke! yay!