Monthly Archives: October 2006

i still dont understand why people put their school addresses in their AIM profiles. how come people dont ever put their home address in their AIM profiles? huh.

wednesdays are miserable days. but today is not wednesday. so it is not miserable. but that doesn’t mean all miserable days are wednesdays. so today could still be miserable. but it is not, i think. what am i saying? i need to study economics. today is halloween. but i dont think i will crossdress today. but that is okay. because i crossdressed for halloween parties that were before this halloween. so i shall post some of those crossdressing pictures.

that is one. my quota for the year is finished.

laibach (a fascist band) did a cover of rammstein’s “ohne dich” (without you). and they changed the lyrics. instead of “without you, i cannot be” it became “without me, you cannot be.” harhar. i love laibach. they are super fascist so they dont interact with their crowds at their concerts.