Monthly Archives: September 2006

i wonder what people think of that post i posted before. i wonder if people thought it was emo or something. or if they thought happy thoughts. i would think its so depressing. but when i wrote it but i wasn’t thinking anything sad. so that doesn’t make any sense. if something posted is sad, people think its sad. and if its something happy, people still think its sad. therefore, people are so depressing. and i am very generalizing. is it possible to very generalize? or is it just generalize? whatever. i watched 3 episodes of “wo ai hei se hui” today. which was great fun. its that show in taiwan where stupid schoolgirls do stupid things. like somehow this girl got 8% of 26 million to be 200. harhar. it like that show. i think my favorite one is mian. because she seems the smartest. and she looks like kaela kimura. except chinese. and i need to read.

i’m sleeping less and less. but that is okay. because it is still a lot. i heated water today. and it evaporated. i like flint striker things that make sparks to start bunsen burners. because it is so beautiful. if i could choose a good present, it would be a huge striker. that makes gigantic sparks. but they have to be plentiful also. i almost overslept today. which is odd. becuase i slept at 12. which is okay, i think. but maybe not really slept at 12. because i have problems sleeping. so i stare at my ceiling. and dream about stupid things. and my mind works better right before i sleep than other times. like today’s chem quiz. i cant believe i was so stupid. and forgot to convert milliliters into liters before finding molarity. bah. stupid me. and chem is so important for me. i need to study it and everything. i wonder if i can get a degree, what other majors i can get. probably bio, chem, and then that mba thing. but bah. no engineering, i think. because engineering at uop takes 5 years. stupid. why would anyone want to do engineering here? all uop has is programs. programs for this, programs for that. i wrote that pacific seminar was “pure stupidity” in my pacific seminar essay. and i quoted it and cited correctly. the pacific seminar teacher was like be yourself and express your feelings. writing will be better that way. so i did. and he better not grade me down for that. or i will never trust anyone again. not that i do anyways. but whatever. the end.

i f331 50 w45t3d: he still owes me a win in sc
i f331 50 w45t3d: we lost a game cause he was reading war and peace

Supercar – Last Scene
静かに 静かに ただ静かに 夢を見ている…

i finally found a translation for this song.

The performace passed through “The End” without stopping
The audience is already asleep
A story like a dream
A dance step like a feather

The performance passed through “The End” without stopping
I’m standing alone in the wings
Fading, the finished story
Waiting alone for my turn

In the quiet, in the quiet, in the quiet I’m only dreaming
In the quiet, in the quiet, in the quiet I’m only dreaming

running on a treadmill is symbolism for life. we run so hard. and then at the end we go no where. because we’re all dead.

my refrigerator is too cold. its making all the sodas into icees/slurpees. it tastes pretty good. although sometimes it cools it too much and it becomes almost a block of ice. that still tastes pretty good. except it cant get out of the can.

what am i supposed to answer when people ask me why im doing pharmacy? i guess its to help people, right? i think.

roflrofl 安 in chinese means safe/comfortable. and the same thing in japanese means cheap. stupid japanese people cant even steal characters correctly.