Monthly Archives: August 2006

i cant belive one of the other concerts of family values concert got kyo for the meet-and-greet. THATS WHO I WANTED TO TOUCH HANDS WITH! not shinya or die. I WANT KYO. oh well. shinya and die were cool too. but kyo!!!! with his dirty hands that are still probably bloody from cutting his mouth and opening wounds on his chest. oh well. and those people got ONLY kyo. not two people. because kyo is so special. he never does meet and greets. so he’s being special. or something. and i’m listening to konayuki right now. konaA~~~yuki!!!, sometimes I’m unreliable and my heart is swayed. But even so I want to keep protecting you!!!!! except it was supposed to be all in japanese. but i got it translated. and konayuki means powdered snow. and school starts tomorrow at 3 pm. but all my classes start before 3. so ha! i win. no class.

my room.

yea. that is my side of the room right now. fridge and microwave are on my side. and theres bananas there. and in the mirror, you can see my roommates computer. kind of. not really. oh well. thats about it. my bed is all black because im so emo. life is depressing. and college is too. and that sun yanzi poster was the poster i had to bring back all the way from taiwan. its nice and glossy and i like it. much better quality than my gogo yubari poster. oh well. i like them both. harhar.

okay. so from, i download at about 4-5 MEGABYTES/sec. but from other websites i get about 400-500 KB/sec. but from torrents, i get 1 or less KB/sec. sighsigh. WHY!?

i move in tomorrow. and i have to disconnect my computer. i am sad. omg no internet for like 18 hours. DEATH.

I was shot down by a girl once, right through the head.

my brains hurt.