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I FINALLY FOUND SOMEONE ON THE UOP DC++ SERVER THAT ACTUALLY SHARES ASIAN MUSIC!!!!!! JAPANESE MUSIC! CHINESE MUSIC!!! and korean. blah. BUT SO COOL!!!. not really. because its just generic normal mainstream jpop and jrock. but if one day i want utada hikaru, i can easily get it all. so thats good. i guess. oh well.

on the left is audrey hepburn? or someone. right is shinya! so cool. he’s a man.

yesterday, random girls went to my floor’s bathroom to vomit. and it was great. it was the 3rd day of school. and they were already drinking so much that they need to go throwup everywhere. and then i went to go brush my teeth and it smelled like alcohol. oh well.


Agitated Screams of Maggots


hi, i am back from 6 hours of school. i think it is sad that i enjoy econ more than chem. but thats microecon. not macroecon. i dont like macroecon. that’s just boring and calculus right now. yes. i am taking micro and macro. okay, and then there’s pacific seminar. which is retarded. discuss the differences between formal and informal essay. tell us that informal is so personalized. and great. and everything. and talk about the meaninglessness of an assigned journal. so wtf. dont assign it then. please kthx. anyways. need to go return chem book. and then. go to another 4 hours of class. mw has 9 hours of class in a row. and wednesday has 1 more hour. friday has 6. but thats okay. its great fun.

last two days, there were no school. i watched 3 movies. i think. my classmate, barbarian; a scene at the sea; and snakes on a plane. classmate barbarian was great. kids fighting and being angry. and it was funny. it was supposed to be a comedy. scene at the sea is about deaf guy and deaf girlfriend. deaf guy wants to learn how to surf. and its like a love story without words. since they are deaf. duh. so its nice and the music is beautiful. becuase its joe hisaishi composed. mmm. and snakes on a plane. is pretty cool. best movie ever.

Why are peer-to-peer programs slow at pacific?

Programs like: Kazaa, e-mule, BitTorrent, soulseek, so on and so forth.

Peer-to-peer is slow at pacific due to:

Packetshaper (gives specific programs/applications higher or lower priorty on the campus internet connection. all p2p progams are given lowest priority)

8 MB is alloted for all peer-to-peer, gaming, and IM
2 MB is alloted for bittorrent

3200 students are using a possible 8MB of bandwidth

sigh. even soulseek is slow. life sucks.

huh. i walk down at around 8:30 in the morning to try to change my class. (which i couldn’t because i need advisor signature, and advisor is not present for me to see. doing research or whatever). anyways, in that one walk, i see people that look like faye wong and lara veronin (or whatever the hell her name is. its that russian/chinese girl from nan quan mama). and i thought that was weird. bye.

hihowistheday: go buy happniess
hihowistheday: costco sized

D0nk3X: sigh
D0nk3X: gg roomate assignment
D0nk3X: I like to: Play Magic, teach debate, play frisbee, and hide from the government.

D0nk3X: In second grade, I wanted to be a time traveller. That’s because I watched Back to the Future. Long story short, I realized that legos were not sufficent materials to build a flux capacitor. Then came third grade.

I’m actually going to skip third grade. Not because it’s embarassing, but because I actually skipped third grade.
D0nk3X: great
D0nk3X: nerd more plz