Monthly Archives: June 2006

wowow. train station is so fun. lots and lots of shopping and everything. ozmgomogmzomgom. and school girls everywhere. harhar. japanese stuff everywhere too! like hyde posters and lots and lots of cds. kind of. not really. but omgomogmg. yayayay!

hi everybody. i am in taiwan now. and it’s really hot. and its strange that im not getting attacked by mosquitoes as much as i thought i would be. i only have 2 bites. and one of them i got on the airplane. really odd. anyways. i think they aren’t biting because it is so hot. because the temperature here is as hot as human body. 36 C, i think?. yea. its like 37 here. so mosquitoes probably cant tell what is a human and what isn’t. and taiwan is cool because it has car elevators. and the parking is multileveled within one level. the people here are interesting also. they talk all flirty kind of. and they always keep up with latest trends. and whatever. bye.

okay, so i watched scrap heaven. which is some japanese movie. with chiaki kuriyama(!!!). and joe odagiri. or whatever his name is. basically. the story makes no sense at all. its really artistic and i think it has lots of symbolism and comments about the world today. but i watched the first half while drinking red bull. and the 2nd half while on aim. so really. i didn’t get much out of it. basic storyline: there are three people. they meet up randomly. and they are sick of their lives, jobs, and the world around them. one guy is a policeman. the other guy is a toilet cleaner. the girl is a pharmacist. and yea. boring lives. toilet guy runs a service. called the revenge service. he graffitis the bathrooms he cleans. and leaves messages to meet at this public bathroom where people go in one stall. and talk to him who is in another stall. and ask him to take revenge on people. so he does. because he is sick of people. police guy eventually joins in. and the girl has some random story about building bombs or something. to take revenge on everything. and yea. thats about it. i was very disappointed. because chiaki kuriyama doesn’t appear a lot. but she did. and shes missing an eye! in this movie. her eyeball falls out randomly. and no one helps her. thats why shes bitter. i think. people are too afraid to do things.

oh yea. and i leave for taiwan tomorrow. so this might be my last post for a month and a half. or something like that.

bad memories

for the sake of an update. and because i dont know what to update with. here’s the second piece in my concentration portfolio for art ap. its the second so i still didn’t really know what my ‘concentration’ was at that time. apparently it turned into architecture with “surreal” feelings. whatever that means. its funny because i dont even have most of my artworks.

i only played warcraft 3 until 5 in the morning today/yesterday night. and wow it was so fun!

GOOD GAME! I LOVE WARCRAFT 3!!! 5 hours of one game! so exhausted!

f a t s h e e p1 (3:46:28 AM): how come hella ppl are still on AIM
azN xrE taRD BOI (3:46:35 AM): its summer
f a t s h e e p1 (3:46:39 AM): rofl
f a t s h e e p1 (3:46:43 AM): too bad its still like wtf
f a t s h e e p1 (3:46:47 AM): unless u have a good reason
f a t s h e e p1 (3:46:49 AM): like we did
f a t s h e e p1 (3:46:51 AM): to slay baal