Monthly Archives: May 2006

muscle doesn’t always weigh more than fat. If you have 2 pounds of fat and 1 pound of muscle, then the fat outweighs the muscle.

i read that in a japanese forum. and i was like wtfwtf! of course 2 > 1. wOWOW. whatever. stupid japanese. did you know the dir en grey guys have myspaces?! its all fake of course. but its so funny. they are all friends with “hide”, which is a dead japanese singer/guitarist. haharhahrar. and they all write fobby. “I love eat”. but really. they had to have been great fans to write these myspace profiles. because there is so much inside jokey stuff. and i am going to be happy in my own happiness. and toshiya’s myspace name is “totchi_me”. HAHRHARHAR. well, i thought it was funny.

rofl. ebay bootleggers are getting so lazy these days. usually dvd bootlegs are supposed to come with cases and everything. now they just come with disc and the paper thats supposed to cover the case. and before, rammstein shirts were usually bootlegged with weird designs. now they just sell the iron-on transfers. harhar.

so today, i discovered i was so cool that even a random goth person will say words to me. so i went to library to return the faye wong album i borrowed. and then im dropping it in the box. and this random goth girl (whoever knew that goth people hang out at the library) is like “wow! cool shirt!” or something like that. and im like “huh?” and she was like “rammstein rocks! yay!”. and then i realize i was wearing the rammstein shirt and so i was like yay! and life was great. but im guessing she was just surprised to see a scrawny asian boy wearing a german large shirt. because germans are huge. so its like. even larger than large. well, not really large. its just that its wider. because germans are buff. kind of like the opposite of japanese people. japanese large is like american medium. which is okay. because i can wear american medium. yes yes. and this is lame.

9 more days of school. WOWOW! i cant wait. zomgomg. so fast. almost done. and a bunch of more redundant stuff about how time flies. and. hm. shopping is GREAT fun. especially shopping for 8 hours. or whatever. and clockwork orange is interesting. too bad i was really tired when i watched it. so i didn’t get any of the symbolism. not that i ever do anyways. that explains my awesome grade in english. in art, we have to make powerpoints of artists and stuff. and then the teacher knew we wouldn’t finish. so he finished everyone’s over the weekend. harhar. too bad its all low quality and crappy now. all this random crap. wowow. similarities between 2 paintings that have nothing in common!? im doing japanese prints. and he randomly put in some european painting or something. and said that if i compare them, there are lots of similarities. i think its bullshit. because really, having a window that shows the outside scenery, having 2 women in a painting, and having a half-oval shape doesn’t mean the paintings were related. so i cant wait until im done with that class. and english is great. because we have a final video thing to make. and theres no idea of what to do. like my life.

yesterday, i finished cowboy bebop. quite an accomplishment. considering its an anime. and usually they dont hold my attention long. like i got to episode 2 of bleach and was like screw this. and stopped. i like cowboy bebop because it seems all episodic. but theres actually this random storyline throughout the whole thing. not really. but its good. most of it is pretty funny throughout. but then it suddenly gets all angry and sad near the end. and i bet everyone has already seen that anime already because its so famous. so i wont babble on.

this world sucks because we cant say opinions suck and are useless and stuff like that. because if we did, we are having an opinion. and it doesn’t make sense to have an opinion against an opinion. but all opinions are right. so i am correct that opinions suck and are useless and stuff like that. whatever. anyways. the library is cool. because it has a gym now. and the actual library section in the library is still smallish. kind of. but its cool. and i found a faye wong cd there. !!. so cool. and life is almost over.

GO AWAY COLLEGE BOARD. remember how on oct 2005, the test was cancelled and moved to some later day? and so i decided i would go to a different place and take it there. and then later they charged me because it was a registration change and crap. and then so i emailed them and they said i dont have to pay. and then now they are mailing me again! capitalistic bastards! i dont want to pay! and i dont think i should be paying for it anyways. IGHRLKWJGLRKWg.