Monthly Archives: April 2006

i think the reason why i like japanese music is because japanese people are capitalistic pigs. because to them business is war and so i guess music is also war to them. that is why they always spit out new singles and albums so quickly. and their stuff cant be bad so they always have to make new different musics. and i think that is nice because its harder to get bored of bands. because they have different stuff. and theres a surplus of it. so yay. so its constantly evolving fast. even ayumi hamasaki is like hardcore gangsta rap now. not really, but shes so r&b; now. (wtf!?) oh well. and they have this rating thing for how well an album of single sells during the week. and bands/artists usually have to make it in the top 100 or they risk losing their contract. so they have to make quality musics! (unless their names are boa or koda kumi and have fake boobs and unstable asses, then they can just appeal to something else that is not the ears.). like ayumi hamasaki’s debut album didn’t even hit top 100, so she was dropped from her record label. harhar. pwned. so she started being 1337 and now pwns japan. so yea.

does america even list their record sales and stuff? from what i know, its not a big thing here. and theres this ‘equal opportunity’ thing here. so everyone can all have their chance at making crap. and they dont get dropped because they suck. because theres no charts that actually show they suck. have you ever seen that nickelback thing where they played one of their songs on the left speaker and another one of the songs on the right speaker and it sounds like a perfectly normal song? because its like almost the same exact song. so american bands can get away with releasing the same crap twice! zomg! maybe i’m overgeneralizing. but eh. american songs all seem the same. they always continue off their success. like they all find a successful way to play and then keep playing that. yes, i know there are changes. but it takes forever. like slipknot did change from their angry screamy stuff to emo sit around a campfire and cry stuff. and thats just a change because a bunch of emo bands are successful by doing that, so they bandwagoned.

sometimes i wonder why people always complain about change in dir en grey. like dir en grey used to be pop. then they went all weird. and suddenly ended up being compared to marilyn manson and slipknot and co. people always complain. but theres a lot of other bands that change a lot also. like shiina ringo/tokyo jihen. she started off being weird pop. and then suddenly shes yelling through a megaphone. sampling lots of random instruments. and then playing with an orchestra. suddenly playing jazz. she has more dramatic changes than dir en grey. but the most complainy ive seen a person be is like “i hate how they played ‘service’ at the domestic virgin tour” (which btw, the whole band put down their instruments and sang a capella through megaphones.) huh. whatever. im still exhausted from stats.

HxaMaxH: u kno whos name is 1337 in kanji?
me: gackt?
HxaMaxH: no
HxaMaxH: zhang ziyi
HxaMaxH: L!
HxaMaxH: cuz its real kanji
HxaMaxH: not bootleg like all japs

what is this!? dir en grey AND shiina ringo! on the same music tv thing at the same time!??!?! omgomg. february 5, 1999. dir en grey played zan and shiina ringo played kokode kiss shite. omg. i wish i wasn’t in 5th grade back then.

today i drove barefoot. its a remarkably exciting new experience. a totally new perspective on life.

i think i am still suffering from the trauma of crappy harddrives failing. in my dream last night, i dreamed that my ipod harddrive started clicking and it fell apart. sigh. good thing ipod harddrives are not made by western digital. or else i would REALLY be scared of this happening. well, i think they aren’t made by western digital. maybe its power of suggestion. so if i think they are made by western digital, then they will fall apart. oh well.