Monthly Archives: March 2006

roflmao. apparently the fight yesterday between those two girls was because of myspace. (well thats what i heard). the girl wanted to be some other girl’s friend, but she rejected her. and then she got mad at her. because she was like why did you not befriend me!? and she was like i dont know. and she started being mean to her. and she got mad and then they fought. and i like my use of vague pronouns. thats why i own the sats.

“Myspace is super fun, you get to make a profile about yourself and make friends and your page can look however you want! If i didnt use myspace, i wouldnt ha ve met many of my good friends!”

final news. all my college crap is over now. 8 out of 9 schools. which is 88.8888888%. uiuc, ta&m;, taustin, uci, ucd, ucla, uop, and ucsd. and then reject from berk. so life is good. its easier without berkeley. so therefore: ucla or uop. ucla is electrical engineer. and uop is pharmacy. and i could go on about the pros and cons about each. but they equal to about the same and its useless anyways. no one cares too. so. bye.

THEMOMO fac TOR: and write your excuse about why they should have accepted you
azN xrE taRD BOI: and what would that be?
THEMOMO fac TOR: threaten to commit suicide or something like that

from our awesome physics program:

look! i’d rather somebody picked up a crowbar and battered out my brains – than go back mornings! i go! every time you come in yelling that goddamn “rise and shine!” “rise and shine!” i say to myself “how lucky dead people are!” but i get up. i go!

thats from “the glass menagerie”.

i live because dying isn’t as fun.

i used to wonder. wonder if people should just do what they are good at. or if they should pursue what they are interested in. that following dreams nonsense. so i think i have found the answer. i walk into art class. and it just hit me. of course people should just ditch their interests and just do what they are good at. its because people are following their interests that everything is mediocre. or just crap. for example, art teacher. he is colorblind. he does not deny it. so really. why is a colorblind person doing art?! because he is interested in this art thing. and so now everyone else has to suffer. its really retarded. so if people did what they are good at, everything will be fine. bahbahbah.

in other news. theres was a big girl fight during lunch. too bad it lasted all of 10 seconds because they started it right in front of principal.

and. in even better news. DIR EN GREY! neighbor used her connections to get her and me floor tickets to their first concert on their new tour. august 1. “inward scream” tour!! yatta! floor tickets! guaranteed a or b block! so i will be near the front! maybe close enough to get bled on!. ill come back hiv positive. but that is okay. because i would have seen dir en grey live! and tickets aren’t even on sale yet. yay for having a neighbor who has friends in dir en grey fanclub. !! well. she said her friend will get the tickets. but i still need to figure out how to get to japan… should be in taiwan at that time. so its good.

so. at school its not uncommon to see people doing all these drugs and stuff. like chewing tobacco. walk into the bathroom and see like 5 guys in a stall around the toilet and suddenly a big plop into the water. yea. but. ive never seen anyone actually do that IN CLASS. so he is like chewing. and he has an empty water bottle in his jacket. so every now and then he will stick his face into his jacket to spit. ha. it was pretty funny. well, i thought it was.

so i thought that i could be gone forever from flash and moviemaking and that nonsense. because i sucked and it took up too much time anyways. so i didn’t reinstall any of those programs when i reformatted about a month ago. now english class has some video to make and i have to make this stuff again. sighsigh. but whatever. it is fun. and i have lots of time to waste. its some propaganda project about “brave new world” and i have to make some ad about soma, which is the happiness drug. so everything needs to be happy. i think i want to make it like kaela kimura’s “real life real heart” video. it has live action and then random drawings everywhere. thats happy isn’t it? yes, kaela is really happy. so i am inspired.

roflmao. someone found an eraser at the dir en grey new york concert. and they posted an entry on the dir en grey livejournal community to see if anyone lost their eraser. roflrofl. makes my day happy.