Monthly Archives: February 2006

this is a screenshot from the new windows. apparently, it kills a lot of computer resources and then it says it is running slowly because of itself. i want to downgrade to windows 98. or windows 95. because they are not so buggy. and use less computer resources. well, windows should stop having such crazy graphics because that is annoying. dos is a cool operating system. no graphics. just text. i love dos. sometimes i use dos to navigate folders. instead of clicking around, i just type it all in.

rofl. dir en grey’s new york show sold out in presale. like within a few hours. har. that is so crazy. just like how rammstein tickets never get sold normally. because they always sell out during presale. but i dont think it has beaten l’arc~en~ciel’s 56000 person concert selling out in 4 minutes. har. people are funny. ive never woken up so early to buy tickets before. for d’espairsray, i let my neighbor wake up at 5 to get 3rd row tickets. har. im lazy.

so this morning i got up and was ready to work hard. so i turned on my computer and was ready to do homework. and then my mom came in and said i sit in front of computer too much so she doesn’t want me to go on the computer. so i obey. and now i am back on the computer. but i dont feel motivated to work hard anymore. poor me.

i have this really annoying habit of collecting discographies. its really annoying. because ill find a new artist/band and then i have to get everything. usually i only get album discographies but now im trying to get single discographies also. so i have like duplicate files of a bunch of songs. hm. and now female singers are like taking over my music library. spangle call lilli line, mondialito, yui, yellow generation, kaela kimura, love psychedelico, plastic tree. well, plastic tree doesn’t really have a female singer. but his voice so high he might as well be female. (he already dresses up female anyways). its weird. teehee. tokyo jihen (shiina ringo’s band) is releasing a new dvd. the album they just released was called “adult” so the dvd is going to be called “adult video”. how clever. i bet their sales will boost a lot because of this.

i like how everyone is gone. very gone. life is so empty. nothing to do now. oh. where is everybody? having lives probably. nothing to do now. bye.

are you there?

edit: OMG 4 people online. its a record!

[tetsu4482] can some one tell me a badass jap band
[kyankyan] morning musume is the most badass jrock band ever

ROFL. it has repeated. please refer to 9/08/05 post. thanks.

hihowistheday: I am done studying for ta

damn. neighbor cant go to the dir en grey concert. if she went i would have asked her to buy me lots of tour goods and stuff. she said she would have called me during the concert so i could listen to the concert through her cell phone. but she is not going. so i cant really hear it. sad.

i watched GTO again. its amazing. but i really need to watch more other drams. oh yea. i finished Trick. which is a pretty cool mystery drama thing. its just solving a bunch of magic tricks and stuff. its fun. need to watch Hotman. then Hotman 2. and Trick 2. watch Trick 3? maybe. need to find a living download for that. enough mindless writing. time to finish all my homework so i can collapse and die and sleep forever.

that was an interesting ditch day. quite a failure. because of people like me. i’m such a conformist so i went to school. only about 5 people in each period were missing. so its a failure. and its a crazy rainy day so its even worse. oh well. break now! one week of nothing.