Monthly Archives: February 2006

yesterday, there was a power surge. and my computer was on. so my monitor started showing billions of artifacts and then my computer crashed and then i had to shut it down and restart. it was pretty scary. because i dont want anything to fry. and then it turned back on and i was quite happy because it worked well. except now. my mouse is all screwed up. so mouse got destroyed in the power surge. and now it double clicks whenever i single click. it is really annoying. bahbhabah. becuase when im trying to click on a program or something it opens two of them. and it always minimizes windows when i click on windows on the task bar. or whatever it is called. need a new mouse.

this rain is really depressing. i dislike the rain. well, at least this rain. its really annoying and loud. and makes everything wet. good observation, abraham. since when did rain not make things wet? when life is an umbrella. duh. or a raincoat thing. maybe rainboots. but definately not what it normally is. this rain makes everything so dull and black and white. and all the colors and hues are disappearing. and i dont want to work in school anymore. but i must. school is really discouraging. i need to reformat my computer. and maybe all my grades. start over again. that would be nice. but i cant. because the past is the past. and i cant change it. it would be nice to be able to. but then everyone would do that. and there would be no mistakes. and everyone would be perfect. and then we’d all be robots and we would feast on oils and grease and fossil fuels. but life would be good like that anyways. yes. i am so happy. i want to go drown in the rain. bye.

i watched that black and white movie today. good night and good luck. or someting like that. and its black and white. and its annoying. and it looked too real and i disliked it. and it was about mccarthyism and the communists and all that nonsense. and i dont care because i dont want to remember the evil days of ap us history. it was bad.

i f331 50 w45t3d: goddamn you
i f331 50 w45t3d: you quote my gayest quotes
i f331 50 w45t3d: and make me look like an ultra nerd

the most searched word people use to find my site is still “stalker”. so i am just writing to say the word “stalker” because then more people might find my site from the word “stalker” and then google and yahoo might start to take notice. and they might boost my ranking on the results for the word “stalker” to be number 1 or something close to that. and then everyone that searches the word “stalker” will suddenly be on my site. and i will be so popular. and ill have billions of stalkers. yay. 21 “stalker” searches in the month of february so far. geez. that is like. almost 1 a day.

i’m glad i gave up the hope of going to dir en grey’s LA show. because. theres a lot of rumors that it has been cancelled. tickets for the LA show were supposed to go on sale today, but nothing is happening. and people are saying that the venue doesn’t even know that dir en grey booked that place. so yea. its not even on either. only the new york show is on ticketmaster. and that sold out in presale. ha. i win.

i am not taking good care of my body. sitting in front of computer too much. need to move. i walked. and i also jumped up and down in place for a long time. for no reason at all. and break is boring.

i f331 50 w45t3d: i game too much
i f331 50 w45t3d: i look at the sky
i f331 50 w45t3d: and i go omg great graphics
i f331 50 w45t3d: the clouds
i f331 50 w45t3d: there’s subsurface scattering
i f331 50 w45t3d: and i go wait
i f331 50 w45t3d: this is real life GODDAMNIT

i like how it is already thursday. and i haven’t really achieved much. finished english homework. finished some other work in classes. i need to start searching for pictures of people to draw in art. because i was going to do dir en grey’s lead singer, but then it was a bad picture. teacher thinks the face mask thing looks like a beard. so eh. need to search for better pictures. what else? i dont know. oh yea. the dir en grey livejournal community is really annoying now. everyone is posting asking if anyone else is going to the new york concert and seeing if they can get rides and if they can walk together to hotel and asking stupid questions like if they should cosplay when they are going to go into a 10000 degree room and pass out and die. bunch of stupid spoiled kids flying from around the country with their parents to see dir en grey. i’m so jealous.