Monthly Archives: January 2006

this semester has been starting pretty well. i think im going to start statistics with a F. or something around there. im guessing about 30%. just an estimation. but still need to start working hard. need to ganbatte. math 78 is incredibly boring. but i think i understand it all so far. not really. my textbook is one edition older than what is currently used so i get to have fun looking around the textbook to find what section its on. (but! it was free. not $90+). i have to search in book because i cant really listen to teacher because he makes it much more complicated than it is. so must work hard by self. or something. i hate school. school sucks. its miserable. only 1 semester left. and then college. and it repeats.

engrish is funny. because bugy craxone had some song called “hey god, sit down please” but because of their engrish, the cd was printed “hey god, shit down please”. so they had to apologize.

finally changed my calendar to 2006. took down my 2005 calendar that was still on february. and replaced with january 2006. i need more interesting calendars. i think that is why i never change the month. i have a calendar on computer anyways. and computer is never off. only when i am at school. that is when it gets to rest.

what am i doing here? i am so tired. everything is annoying. everything is discouraging. nothing to do. everything to do. sometimes. com(?). maybe. what does that mean anyways. nothing. just ambiguity. write in pen so it can be graded. just use ink. printer ink. color is good. black and white has no hue or intensity. just value. babble on like a babelfish. translate things into other things. 煌め逝くもの. is the title. something that sparkles and fades. kirameyuku mono. so short. but so long. only the ether can heal pain and suffering. too bad scientists disproved the ether. so malice and misery is the answer to the question of what is humanity. i dont see how people can really see all this symbolism in everything. it is nonsense. or deep thought. time is valuable. living as if we were to die tomorrow. might as well kill that uncertainty. and just end our lives right now. die. or go do homework.

ebay is evil. it makes me want to buy everything. yesterday, i signed on to see the dir en grey cds that i was watching. i thought they had already ended. i just wanted to see how much they were when bidding ending. but i logged in and saw the kisou album with 8 seconds left. being impulsive, i just clicked through a few windows and accidentally won it in the last seconds. i also bid on withering to death. but i lost. today. i checked my mail and found out that the highest bidder didn’t want to pay for withering to death or something so i got the next offer. and so i bought it. and now i have these two dir en grey albums. kisou and withering to death. good cds but i wanted macabre. not those two. so ebay is evil. oh well. i can now listen to dir en grey in high quality sound. and i get to see cool cd insert paper things.

tomorrow i turn 19. in chinese age counting. because it is chinese new years tomorrow. and all the other new years that are based on lunar calendar. so i am old.

my virus scanner is annoying. it randomly starts up and does a complete virus scan. and then its annoying because i have to stop it. but today i clicked stopped, and it isn’t stopping. it also greyed out the stop button like it would stop, but it isn’t stopping. so it is scanning my complete computer. every single byte. or whatever. annoying. and now it is eating up my system resources because virus scans take up so much power. because all the harddrives have to spin and all that nonsense. even typing this blog post is hard because i type and i have to wait for it to appear after a few seconds. its annoying. like virus scanners.

i dont believe in depression.

hm. seems like i am only listening to female fronted vocals now. it is strange. i think it is because tokyo jihen just released a beautiful album. and then i started listening to shiina ringo again (lead singer for tokyo jihen). and then bugy craxone. amano tsukiko. akino arai. aikawa nanase. and then some old ayumi hamasaki stuff. (apparently a lot of them like to start with a). and of course fra-foa. and now i am even listening to the soundtrack of “all about lily chou-chou”. which is some movie about some fantasy musician called lily chou-chou and everyone was obsessed with her and something about her “ether” music healing wounds and stuff. but it was a very strange story and school kids killed each other. eh. but it had great music. because there was a real lily chou-chou album created to go with the movie. and i like it. but. i dont know what differential equations are. math 78 is going to be hard. the end.