Monthly Archives: December 2005

so apparently the boy in that drama was fake. which means they stuck in the love story just for the heck of making it a girl dying and boy emo drama. UAHGHGH. it could have worked well without the love story. but they stuck it in. i guess that’s why none of the direct quotes from the diary talked about the boy and why at the end of the movie it didn’t say what the boy did now. bahbahbhabah. anyways. i watched 5 episodes or “ruri’s island” yesterday. really wonderful. but only 5/10 episodes have been subbed. so im stuck now. i have to wait. sigh sigh.

finished this drama. one liter (well, they spell it “litre”) of tears. it’s interesting and i think i want to read the diary that it was based off of. but its probably not translated, so i cant understand anyways. and its 11 years of diaryness so thats pretty long. well, my problem with this drama is that the girl is some famous japanese model so its really awkward having her act as some dying person. so yea. but it was still really depressing and yea. and the insert songs were awesome. i never really liked remioromen because they were indie and the songs i heard before sucked. but their ‘konayuki’ song is cool. “Hey, powdered snow, if you could even stain hearts white, would it have been possible for us to split our loneliness in half?” and thats all i know that is translated. i dont really know what it means. but it seems cool. and now my life sucks because all the other dramas i plan to watch have not finished. 2 are still downloading and another isn’t finished getting subbed. so yea. oh well.

sometimes i hate my brain. because its really annoying whem i’m trying to sleep. when i’m going to sleep my brain seems to like to think about everything that happened in the day. and then think of things i could have done better. and what could have happened if i did that. and its really annoying and it makes my head hurt. then i cant sleep.

after watching “sekai no chuushin de, ai wo sakebu”, i promised myself i would never watch another drama about girl dying from cancer and boy being emo about it. because those stories are lame and they are painful to watch. but now i think the drama im watching is really emo like that also. except this one is based on a true story. because some girl in japan got some disease that kills her brain and nerves and shes slowly dying. so then she wrote in a diary everyday and that stuff. and then when she died, capitalists decided to make money off of it and published her diary. and it became a really big seller. so then more capitalists decided to make a drama out of her life. and thats it. so i dont know if this really counts as girl dying boy emo drama. because there is a love story (she is 15). but whatever. its sad and emo. and has a great soundtrack. like other dramas.

watched battle royale again today. great fun. cant believe its been two or three months since i last watched it. time flies too fast. i think that movie changed my life. somewhat. maybe. i even thought about writing about it for college apps. (of course, its a bad idea writing about kids killing each other. so i didn’t). but yea. its a great movie. what else did i do today? hm. nothing really. i need to go shower. bye.

(17:09) [xxGacktxx] zhang ziyi
(17:09) [xxGacktxx] her songs r hella good
[peef2] she sings?
(17:09) [xxGacktxx] rofl no
(17:09) [xxGacktxx] pwnd u

the title “one liter of tears” seems to have a really emo feel to it. but doesn’t matter because its a pretty highly rated drama, so im downloading it. and then i can cry a liter of tears. and drown myself in it. no one is online these days. i just sit home and watch videos. watch dir en grey live. luna sea live. music videos. and fra-foa. just rediscovered how great they were. i’m still sad that they broke up. and now mikami chisako’s solo work is going downhill. but whatever. i need a copy of their first album. i am missing that album. but its going for like 50$ on japan amazon. so i dont want to buy it. but thats cool because i have their 2nd album. and its limited edition version! so it must be worth lots now. i also have rammstein’s 2 latest albums in limited edition happiness. and also eisbrecher’s album in limited edition. eisbrecher’s limited edition is the funniest of them all because it comes with 2 blank cd-r’s so i can make 2 illegal copies of their album. its prestamped to look like the real cd too. silly them.

rofl. dir en grey toured with rise against. and from my (limited) knowledge of american music. rise against is that acoustic emo band? i think. well. that must have been an interesting tour. well i guess it makes sense because you cant be emo and sit around playing acoustic guitar all day. need something else to listen to. and my fingers are feeling weird right now because i just went peeling grapefruits with my dad. its fun. ripping them apart. and im glad im blind because the glasses block the juice. or i would have become even more blind. i want dir en grey to come to america. along with rammstein. but they all hate america. but one day, they will all come and i will be happy. gackt can come along too. and i am shocked! because there is no “12gatsu no love song” from gackt this year. he’s been releasing that song for like 4 years. theres chinese, korean, english and (duh) japanese versions. he knows all those languages and french. so wheres the french version!? ugh. i want a new “12gatsu no love song”. hm. i hear there is another korean version. but thats download only. so that doesn’t count!. i want “12gatsu no love song” cd release! ugh. but gackt is doing the music for the new final fantasy 7 game. yatta.