Monthly Archives: November 2005

so far ive had no sleep today! 11:45 PM yesterday with kevin i went to compusa. apparently 15 minutes early can still take an hour to wait in line to enter. when i enter i see that 200 gb harddrives are gone, so i go to what i need next. the case. i got the last case. so then i wait 3 hours in line to get my stuff. it is that long because everyone that works there is hired seasonally and everything that anyone buys has a billion rebates to it takes 5 minutes to print everything. after that i go with danny and ed. and go to frys. get there 30 minutes early. and line loops around the store. but they let us all in at once. i run for the 300 gb harddrives. and i get the last one. but they restocked after they were all gone. and i get other stuff. and i come home. and i fix up my computer. and the new case is beautiful. the end. sleep deprivation is a wonderful drug.

and someone bought 5 tivo’s.

happy turkey genocide day. (as my english teacher calls it). today i used a leaf blower to clean up stupid leaves that fall. its harder than it looks because leaves get stuck. so i almost finished blowing and then i hit a tree and then a billion more leaves fell down. sigh. that is why autumn or fall sucks. winter is the best. because everything that should be dead is dead. and its all nice and clean. rain cleans everything. and its so white. only in snowy places. its almost as white as overexposed japanese rockers. they like overexposure when they take photos. they are so white that sometimes their noses dissapear. its gross. whatever.

D0nk3X: my parents said
D0nk3X: il lget my thanksgiving dinner
D0nk3X: after i finish my apps

ugh. the new utada hikaru song (passion) is really annoying. it want to delete it because i dont like utada hikaru in general and the transition to chorus is really awkward. but its actually a nice song. and its nice and calm and i like this newer style. so i cant decide!

anyways. my (mom’s) car was being weird. brakes were making loud annoying sounds. so took it in to check. and apparently the parking brake got all screwy. so confusing. cars are stupid. useless mechanical machines.

philosophy is a silly class. right now, the class is about religion, and obviously that is a very philosophical topic, so theres many philosophers that like to talk about that topic. they have argument of evil and teleological proof and a bunch of other junk. and now i am reading about some philosopher and his conclusion was that God exists to those who believe he exists and God doesn’t exist to those who don’t believe he exists. which really didn’t prove anything at all. philosophers are useless.

!I AM DONE WITH UC APPS! only texas a&m; and texas austin left! and those are due in february. so im going to go do nothing for a while! and it’s thanksgiving weekend! we better have a lan. or i will be very disappointed. EVERYONE ELSE FINISH YOUR STUPID APPS. i need lan! i need unreal tournament! sighsigh.

okay, wtf. my bandwidth spiked from about 2 gigs (since beginning of this month) to 8 gigs. in one day. which is really strange. and none of my big files are being downloaded. and i dont think i have anything that is worth being hotlinked. so i am very very confused. i have like 200+ megs of bandwidth from the NETHERLANDS!? and 500 more from germany. eh. wtf. and what’s even stranger is that the number of people visiting didn’t increase. its still what it normally is. and this is a useless post.

3 day week. i am very excited. 1/3 of week is over. tomorrow’s big thing is talking to art teacher about my future in that class. or something. because teacher wastes time and we are all behind on our portfolio. so bah. im going to tell him that i’m changing my concentration theme to colors. and ill just print out pieces of paper with different colors on them. and submit them. and say that other idiot “artists” made that and called it art. so i deserve a 5 for the ap score. everything is art. anyways. art is a gross class. i wish i never signed up for that. stupid me. but alas, i am stuck. anyways. metamorphosis is an interesting book. reading that in english. about emo guy that turns into a bug. its like the dir en grey song “mushi” (insect). so its cool. anyways. once 3 days are over, thanksgiving. and then black friday! i might go camp out in front of fry’s to buy cheap computer parts! i want a new computer case and a 300 gb harddrive and ill buy everything else thats on sale. that would be so wonderful. xbox 360 comes out tomorrow. which means xbox price should drop! and maybe on black friday, it will be even cheaper! and if its sub-100, i might consider buying one. but they already have hacked ones with lots of games in it. so those are nice too. but whatever.

i just checked to see if xbox 360 was backwards compatible. and i found out that dead or alive 4 isn’t going to be one of the launch titles! so how is xbox 360 expecting to be successful!? impossible. but xbox 360 is backwards compatible with some titles apparently. which is stupid. might as well make everything work. but they have to make some emulation nonsense. microsoft sucks.

but i ramble too much.

ive decided that the only three words you need to know in japanese to listen to dir en grey songs are as follows:

sayonara (goodbye)
kokoro (heart)
namida (tears)

simple enough!. so go memorize those words, and then you’ll understand everything dir en grey has to say to you.

gackt’s music is even easier! just know “mouichido” (one more time) and you’ve deciphered every one of his songs.

so now if you ask me if i understand my music, i will answer yes.!