Monthly Archives: October 2005

i am told my posts are now little short pieces of sentences and they do not satisfy. but i am really getting bored of keeping a blog and tired of websites. so, i just post some random crap because i feel like i have an obligation. anyways. sat scores are out. for the oct session. but since everything was moved to the 29th, people still have to take. and people that went standby (like me) apparently wont get our scores until the 29th. so i still have to wait. which means i wont get into college. thanks. anyways. i was thinking in math 73 that in all the other math classes before everyone asked about application. and how derivatives and matrices and trig and other useless junk related to the world. and then the teacher would just say “its good to know this” and not really give an answer. anyways, in math 73 now, the teacher gives a lot of application. but no one cares anymore. and just wants to learn the math. people are weird.

i’m stressing out over math 73 homework. and then i check my email. and spam! for stress-relief drugs. its so cool! maybe thats how these companies make money.

ughhg. math 73 (multivariable calculus) is a killer class. i dont know what is happening and everything is so hard. and its early in the morning and the teacher is boring. the homework is incredibly lame. no one knows how to do number 1 and 4! ughgh. out of 10 questions. that means max of like 80%. ughghhg. sighsihgshgishggh.

i bite my nails because i am hungry. oh, i am so fat. i’m glad i’m not soluble. that would make me sad. i would effervesce and bubble. and then explode into a million pieces. because some parts of body is water. and fat. like lipids and other stuff that i forgot. but the body it made up of carbons and hydrogens and oxygens. i hate organic chemistry.

hearts are overused in the music industry. heart grenades, hearts with wings, bloody ripped out hearts, hearts with scissors, suicidal hearts hanging from trees, pixelated hearts, zombie hearts. and others.

is there no end? well, sometimes. this triangle has more than three angles. thats not fair. are you a rationalist? or empiricist? delighted or disillusioned? triangles have three angles. so redundant. the name gives it away. boats are falling from the sky. the sky is empty. i see two strings. and a wing. you have poor man’s memory. the only moment. what a tragedy. i’m not cleaning up this mess.

botanGOHAN: I only like girls
botanGOHAN: top 4 %
botanGOHAN: of class

when i grow up, im going to join the yakuza. and then get a full body tattoo. and then grow out my facial hair like the yakuza facial hair. and then learn the special language they have. because it sounds cooler than normal japanese.