Monthly Archives: October 2005

halloween is the day for girls to dress up as whorey as they want without anyone complaining. so why cant the boys? so, i broke the dress code today. and dress as in dress, not clothing. oh well. just like last year. except without a extra credit motivation. just for pure happiness. and the reactions from all the other people. harhar.

i will find pictures soon.

and eye makeup is really annoying.

the new rammstein album came out a few days ago. and i must say. im somewhat impressed. big recovery from the last album. its so good. that i might get rid of japanese music for a while. and listen to it. well, thats what i say after listening to the first 3 songs. which were all good. unlike the last album. which was. listen to 1 song at a time. i like this cd. so far.

there seems to be a lot of roadkill recently. racoons, squirrels, and rabbits. its very sad because no one cleans them up. they are in the middle of the road. no one is going to risk becoming roadkill to clean up roadkill. so they are flattened until they become the earth again. but no one likes squirrels, so its okay. i think.

sad music is really depressing. but that is just a redundancy. weak sentence. state the obvious more please. i like 24 cylinders. i think. give me laugh. give me pain. give me something. or nothing. look at it now. dreams wilt. what a metaphor thing. do they bloom also? maybe. give me nothing if time ends. and over here its supposed to go dot dot dot. to give it more thought and seem deep. does your voice reach me?

i dont like classes that have participation points. i cant raise my hand. its a medical condition! maybe. but i cant. no matter how much i want to get the points. and then stupid people always want to talk. and contribute nothing. or say the same thing as before. and when they talk they always say “i dont know”. which is retarded because they are just stating that they dont know what they are talking about. but of course, they get their points for raising their hands. and they always volunteer to read, but they cant pronounce words and… they just cant read. but i guess its the willingness to try that counts. (or some nonsense like that). i am silent because i think its better to be silent and be thought a fool, instead of opening my mouth and removing the doubt. thats a quote from somewhere. but i dont know where. but i guess typing it up is the same as opening my mouth, so im a fool also. we are all fools.

it’s a wonderful world. correct and recorrect. that is the world. i want to watch zebraman. its about a guy who is a failure at life so he tries to escape the world by dressing up as zebraman. and hes a superhero. and it seems cool. because its a takashi miike movie. and they are all good. anyways. today we watched hamlet in english. the version with mel gibson. anyways. when he was dying, there was an upclose shot of his face. and i think i saw the camera’s reflection in his eyeballs. that would be a cool mistake! like in azumi, there is one scene where the camera man’s shadow can be seen. mistakes are fun. but everyone makes them. but that is just an excuse. people should just strive for perfection. but thats impossible. so why bother? might as well be the lowest. because 2nd is the first loser. ABCDF grading system is silly. 90 is the same was 99. i strive for 90. i miss sometimes.

prove rad2 is an irrational number. but its more like prove rad2 isn’t a rational number. bah. extra credit for stats is to answer the question “what is a number?” and apparently. thats a very hard question to answer. apparently theres more the numbers than just the real and imaginary. and rational and irrational. there are surreal numbers also.

japanese are crazy. their motto is “business is war”. so even their music industry stuff is all about business. usually a music video is called. a music video. or MV. everyone in asia calls videos MVs. except for japan. they call them PVs. because they are “promotional videos”. which means they are making these videos just to promote the song and get more money! more business!.

and the most emo music in the world is classical music.