Monthly Archives: September 2005

so at praise night, i was recognized by someone. but it wasn’t for anything spectacular. all she asked was “are you the guy in the dress?” referring to halloween 2004. so i guess, i have a reputation now. for reference

college presentations by leland are so useless. if a kid wants to go to college, these presentations just repeat what they already know. if the kid doesn’t care about college, then why would they listen? therefore, it is just nonsense.

snow white is a lame movie. the dwarves are like sad sad sad for snow white. and they build her a coffin of gold and glass. but they only know her for one day! not even a day. its like an evening. and then the only way to break that stupid spell is something about true love’s first kiss. sleeping snow white is kissed by some prince that just saw her and decided to kiss her. is that really love? he is very shallow. AND, hes kissing a dead girl. disney is stupid.

rofl. it seems like people are very angry about the ‘memoirs of a geisha’ movie. chinese actors. japanese setting. and american production. people are so funny.

have you ever looked at a left eye and pretend its a right eye? or the other way around? its really scary. especially if subject has a lot of eye makeup on.

originality died 50 years ago. everything has been done already. even paintings made from urine. the last original thing was snow white. everything by disney is unoriginal! little mermaid was a book. and lion king was a japanese animation. so therefore, i conclude (probably incorrectly) that disney is unoriginal. but it is such a big company. originality is a waste of time. no one likes change. except 50 years later, when everyone starts copying the new (old) idea. ughguhghg. i have no point.

i was reading about the toronto film festival in time magazine or something. and then it just talked about american films. and they mentioned european films. but didn’t talk anything about the asian films! racism! such good asian films there, also. YOKAI DAISENSO was there. with chiaki kuriyama. and directed by takashi miike!. its like the best combination. and TAKESHIS’. by takeshi kitano. (the teacher in battle royale). what great films! but no mention. sigh sigh sigh.

power of suggestion is a fun thing. today in art ap, i presented a slideshow of my photos. i put all my wonderful photos in the beginning, taking up about 1/2. and the other half was just crap photos. anyways. by halfway the 8 people in the room thought i was a great photographer, so when we got to the bad photos, everyone only saw the good things. it was great.

i must say. this is a very cool album cover. i love tomatoes. they taste good. i want to devour your heart.

yay. chemistry class set off fire alarm. school evacuate. and time wasted in physics. that was my highlight of the day. too much writing here.

GNAA LastMeasure: excellent
GNAA LastMeasure: chem test tomorrow
GNAA LastMeasure: i will do my chemistry test using chemistry!
GNAA LastMeasure: just got a ton of carbon
GNAA LastMeasure: from sugar
GNAA LastMeasure: you know
GNAA LastMeasure: C6H12O6
GNAA LastMeasure: so i took out the carbon
azN xrE taRD BOI: oh yes
GNAA LastMeasure: and i’ll be using that carbon
GNAA LastMeasure: to write my test
GNAA LastMeasure: WOOO
GNAA LastMeasure: i’m not lying either
GNAA LastMeasure: lol
GNAA LastMeasure: which is the sad part
azN xrE taRD BOI: rofl
azN xrE taRD BOI: what a fun class
GNAA LastMeasure: OH SHIT
GNAA LastMeasure: RAIN
GNAA LastMeasure: gotta save my carbon
GNAA LastMeasure: brb