Monthly Archives: September 2005

contrary to popular belief, senior year isn’t so easy. well, at least in my case.

possible reasons:
1. retake sats.
2. 2 ap, 2 college, 1 hon
3. college apps.
4. MATH IN THE MORNING. sleep sleep sleep.
5. the attitude of a normal senior (too lazy to do anything about it)
6. thinking of what to do with wallet-sized senior portraits.

its really stupid. because senior portraits cost so much. so i must think of using up all my money to its maximum. maybe ill do some linear programming algebra junk and figure out the best point! bah. even the smallest package has 1 large picture, 2 medium ones, and 8 wallets! what am i supposed to do with all of those me’s. giving the wallets away seems like a waste! or i guess i could be a narcissist and hang up all of them! yayayay. but i wont. they should have just let people buy one picture. because, thats really all i need. (i think). its just capitalism! more excuse to jack up prices to make everyone poor. and thats why america is losing so many people to outsourcing in china and india. because they are capitalizing now. and america is complaining. well, its their own problem. (i think)

i am always happy when it is wednesday. well, after 12 PM. because that means. over 1/2 of week is over. apparently, i am living week to week now. i hate school. i want it to all end. i dont understand anything. according to malice mizer, the answer to “what is humanity?” is. malice mizer. hate and misery. sad sad sad. friends are so useless. they die off. theres no point. take a break from the killing. no need to backstab. trust me. i will put an end to this. sucks to be you. your own problem.

im sick of school.
work to get into another school.
so i can work harder to get a good job.
and then i can work hard.
and then grow old.
and work hard to keep healthy.
and then ill die.

how come you fill in a form by filling it out?

for those wondering about my progress for college apps. ive signed up for online accounts with most of those colleges, but haven’t started writing. things get damaged. things get broken. i like the new depeche mode song. its like one of the few american songs post-2002 that i like. school is dull and boring. like always. loops cannot start by themselves. even in computer programming. because starting program is a cause. loop it self is not cause. i think. art is so stupid. everything can be art. it just has to appeal to one person. and thats very easy. adding stupid effects and filters from photoshop makes things artsy. i dislike arts. math is an art. as is science. but its just an opinion isn’t it. and opinions are always wrong. philosophy is like that. opinion is wrong. prove everything with facts and knowledge and logic. the study of knowledge. the study of the study of knowledge. and so forth. and that is philosophy. it is a loop.

sometimes i wish i was so popular that i would have stalkers that know more about me than i know about myself. but, at other times i wish i was an insignificant plankton in the ocean.

once i read that dir en grey’s lead singer likes to make his music obscure by making the lyrics minimal and very hard to follow. so its like deep or something. i guess engrish was another one of his techniques. in their latest single: clever sleazoid. i didn’t know it was mostly in english. only 2 lines are japanese. even with the lyrics, i still cant hear it. i love engrish. it distorts everything.

rofl. some post poking fun at japan’s crossdressing visual kei thing.

“Can I borrow one of your dresses for the prom?”
“Aw… sure.” *sniffle* “My little boy’s growing up!”