Monthly Archives: August 2005

i am the only boy in art ap. but there are only 9 people in the classroom. well. only 4 are art ap. the rest are advanced art. combination classes are fun.

this is my third year having 3rd period english. english teacher knows about battle royale. this is going to be a great year.

the bathrooms were so clean 2 days ago. now it is the same as the last day of school.

its depressing when one only has school to blog about. so i will save you the suffering. you’re welcome. (maybe)

i like how the school’s physics department is so bad that they had to make physics honors an online class. i think that school should stop spending money on renovations that it doesn’t need and hire some good teachers. especially for science department. i go to and they are selling a new watch. for $150. and is supposed to be really cheap cuz they sell 1 item a day for cheap. i think its stupid to buy a watch that costs so much. unless it is super accurate. but even that accuracy isn’t that important. kind of like expensive laptops. those are stupid. desktops are my friend.

omgomg i cant wait for school tomorrow. i cant wait to meet all the incoming freshmen. oh my. i better start packing for school.

yay. the average sat1 score for berkeley in 2002 was 1337.

my house’s front yard got owned by neighbor’s big tree. roots came in and killed everything. but it wasn’t that drastic. it was only the roots coming into yard. yard is also getting owned by some weeds. they grow fast. summer ends soon. how i cannot wait for school to start. because the sooner it starts, the sooner it will end, right? hopefully. submitted another schedule change request. afraid about college. dont know what to major in. i think i will just apply to a bunch of schools. and then i will go to the ‘best’ school that accepts me. and then ill just major in whatever that school is good at. as long as the school does not excel in english, literature, and history.

i am back from southern california. i love my computer. i named my computer azusa. because it is a cool name.

my court got owned by wild pigs. they came into my court and pwned every house’s front yard grass lawn things. started digging during the night and overturned all the soil. except they didn’t own my grass because my grass is all dead so its not worth digging in. so they decided to dig up the soil with some plants in it. how fun.

when i go to the beach, all i like to do is just bury myself in the sand. so that only my toes and my arms and my head is above the sand. and then i cover my face with a piece of cloth and go to sleep. and i tan the undersides of my arms. because they are always really light. and the cool thing about the pants that i usually wear to the beach is that there is a hole in the main pocket. so when i unsubmerge myself from the sand. there is no sand in my pockets! how useful.