Monthly Archives: August 2005

the pigs did not attack. they must have saw our defense and retreated into their base. they are good at hiding among trees, but they will be found one day. we will hire goblin shredders to cut down all the trees until we find them.!

on a completely different topic:
i’ve decided to analyze my own poetry from yesterday, because i am so conceited..

this way no english teacher can make any false claims about my work when i become required reading.

line 1- watching bubbles float away is really depressing.
bubbles = symbolism of individuals.
float = metaphor for becoming rebellious and independent.
away = diction to emphasis independence.
really = diction to emphasis coming word.
depressing = emotion that reader should be feeling by reading this masterpiece
This line can be interpretted two different ways. The bubbles could be individuals growing up and gaining independence or slowly succeeding in life by furthering themselves away from others. This is depressing because it is uncomfortable, but it happens.

line 2- no matter how far away they fly,
As the bubbles fly away, they try to separate themselves from each other. This is especially true in life as kids become rebellious nonconformists and they dislike others. So they try to distance themeselves.

line 3- they just fall down and die.
The end. All bubbles pop eventually. No matter how far in life one gets, it is all lost and he DIES. No matter how independent a person becomes, he DIES.

Obviously, this is a very talented poet. Even his lines have some rhyme, unlike poets today.

the pigs struck again! my court has been owned again last night. its like crop circles except its pigs instead of aliens and theres no pattern and its not in crop. unless grass is harvested. so now my neighbors are planning the defensive. all neighbors have fortified themselves by blocking off their lawns with whatever they can find. chairs, tables, cars, and even realtor signs. one neighbor is really pissed so they is planning the offensive (they replaced their lawn and it got owned again.) they wants to get some exterminator. the source of pigs must be destroyed. good thing my lawn is almost dead and dry, so pigs cant really dig in the hard rock that i call soil. but they do overturn my patheticly small trees.

watching bubbles float away is really depressing.
no matter how far away they fly,
they just fall down and die.

i should be a poet.

i guess ive joined the ranks of those who are trying to escape the asian curse. i feel my body is falling apart, so my mom is like you should go to gym. so now i am an asian kid that is trying to escape skinny asian thing.

it sucks being under 18. cant get married. cant live by self. cant buy bad magazines. and cant do other inappropriate things. but what sucks the most is that i cant even sign up for gym membership by myself. so i have to get parents.

i really despise school now. they wont give me a schedule change. and they also run out of dr pepper. how can i live in school!?

poetry is easy to write i think. just write a very detailed long sentence describing some event. and add lots of prepositional phrases and stuff. and then just end each line whenever wanted. more obscure the place the better. then remove all the pronouns all the modifiers are ambigious. and then because of ambiguity and the strange cutting, it will be so deep you wont even know it.

my patience is really being tested. no schedule change yet. and im falling behind in stats quickly. apparently 1st day’s hw was like 3 hours long. yay. im going to be doing like 20 hours of hw when i finally transfer in. if i ever transfer in. school is retarded. and then i drove to west valley today to buy a book for wonderful philosophy class. and then the school next to it decided to end school at that time. so asian drivers everywhere. so i was in traffic. and then i get to west valley and its first day of school so everyone is buying books too. so i wait in line. and then the meter to get on highway turns on. so i have to wait for that. and then red lights all the way home. i am. tired of school. already.

theres a new option to post in blogger from microsoft word. but i think its stupid. because loading word takes longer than opening an internet browser. and the word thing doesn’t have that auto picture upload thing that i dont use very often. and its easier to do from blogger website. and techno is now a good music. i like too much music. unhealthy. anyways. i think it is good to start to prepare for halloween now. i need a dress, wig, and makeup. maybe. or not. i hope i get in stats tomorrow. or i have to pay my lab fees for media arts. and then if i get into stats, i lose my money! ugh.

today i was getting ready to eat my icecream. and then my sister asked to get a ride. so i thought, ill return the dvd i borrowed also. so i dropped my sister off. and then i return the dvd. and i get home. as i walk in the door. my mom tells me to go pick up my sister now. and so i cant eat my icecream. and so i go pick up my sister. and when i get home, i realize my dad ate my icecream. driving sucks.