Monthly Archives: July 2005

i had a bad dream that i was running at school and the song kurumi by mr.children kept tormenting me. and i was sad beacuse that is a sad song. and i was crying everywhere. but that is okay. because i woke up when i ran near the speech and debate area.

haha lim: so ppl are collecting senior portraits
haha lim: i got my charizard card ready
haha lim: i will trade this for 2 abemon cards

omgomg. my senior portrait things are today. i better go shave and then practice smiling for 8 hours. just so my senior portaits can be so perfect. oh. and i should learn how to use gel and make my hair all nice and cool. but it cant have excessive gel, as the senior portrait thing says, or ill have a glare in my hair. that would be cool. a white light coming out of my head. i better obtain some lensless glasses, so then i cant see the camera but i wont have a possible glare in my eyeballs. whatever. i will take the risk.

from a xanga:
“GUESS WHAT?!?! I figured out how to take a mirror picture.”

i’m surprised by how much human intelligence has deteriorated.

summer school is over! yay! evolution must be so correct because i have the best eyeballs in the world. through all that natural selection, i got my awesome eyeballs that i cant see anything clearly without glasses. even things inches from face. and ive evolved so much i can only wear glasses because contacts will dry my eyeballs faster than usual. and my eyeballs already dry even with glasses. yay. i think evolution has had like 65 billion years or something already. we should all be perfect robots by now.

people are so ambitious. i am not. i am dead. i thought i could elaborate more on this. but i couldn’t. i shall stop here.

(19:31) [rivaldi] i shoulda been black
(19:31) [rivaldi] so then i could automatically rap
(19:31) [rivaldi] when i was 5
(19:32) [rivaldi] and get a track scholarship
(19:32) [rivaldi] since i get into gang fights so often and run from the police

when doctors listen to heartbeats through stethoscopes, whats the point of asking the patient to breathe? do lungs have any connection with the heart?