Monthly Archives: June 2005

they should build an air conditioner around the world. and a huge bag around the world to keep all coldness in. block out the sun for a few days. and freeze up the oceans. i hate this weather. i am scared for psych. i have an A. but its graded on the curve. the real curve. so i hope it doesn’t kill me into a B. that would be just completely horrible. but today my english teacher said grades mean nothing. apparently he flunked out of college twice and failed classes, but he still got his phd. too bad he probably wasted a bunch of money and time. so i think grades do matter. and thats why i am scared. i dislike curves. and i am fanning myself. with a fan. just kidding. because i cant fan myself while typing. i am listening to a song called ‘anti pop’ by gazette. japanese bands dont seem to like pop. like miyavi’s ‘pop is dead’. or something. but most japanese bands are really poppy. those hypocrites.

i am like a pressure cooker. but not any ordinary one. i am an agoraphobic one. junk food is a depressant. like heroin. sports are stimulants. like cocaine. shopping is mind-altering. like marijuana. everything we do is associated with drugs. according to psychology. i dislike psychology. it is stupid. i type mostly with my left hand. and my pointer fingers. my left hand usually gets everything left of and including y,h, and b. under the asdfjkl; thing i usually use only my pointer fingers. because i suck at typing. yea. something like that.

according to my uncle, who is a psychology major, psychology is easy. just bs a bunch of stuff and make it sound intellectual and its psychology. im hoping it works on this psychology project. analyzing stereotypes and hate and rocks from schindler’s list.

the pessimist sees a barren desert. the optimist sees a really, really, really low tide. i dont care. they are both dead. the pessimist wont do anything because hes hateful. and the optimist just thinks everything is going to be fine. so they both wait there and die. in the desert. which the pessimist sees clearly. the optimist is blinded by his own optimism, i think. apparently, between optimism and pessimism is ‘defensive pessimism’, which is optimism hoping to avoid bad luck. but why wont they just name it something-else-ism? because theres too many -isms. communism. fascism. buddhism. capitalism. racism. and so they named it defensive pessimism so there will be more chance to say the word pessimism. because the world is so pessimistic.

flawed perfexion: shrimp

i am a shrimp. and so are other asian boys. thats why they all pay money to go to gym and they try to get buff. and i dont bother. because asian boys are all destined to be shrimps. and that is why i don’t work out.

thank you, christina, for making my blog more interesting

ive been having bad dreams about academic failure. like failing apush test. oh no. especially in the time of summer. when all should be fine. and i am lost. i dont know what to type. i think it is time to stop. i dont know any famous celebrity with the same birthday as me. chiaki kuriyama (gogo from kill bill) is on oct 10. and takeshi kaneshiro (guy from house of flying daggers) is on oct 11. all so close. but never on my birthday. i must find someone. after searching on wikipedia. because they have every date. i realize. the iron chef host has the same birthday as me. and thats all i know. which is pretty cool i guess. and now my itunes playlist has selected some cool song called “mail me.” its in the suicide club soundtrack. its a bunch of girls singing ‘mail me. before i kill myself’ or something. i love japanese people. they are so funny. oh yes. apparently hugh jackman was also born on the same day as me. wolverine and iron chef. apparently hugh jackman is a singer also. but none of his music is listed. wikipedia lies. or something. but its all not supposed to be true anyways.

by the end of summer i will be blind. nonstop sitting in front of computer. and swimming almost everyday. lacking goggles. because mine broke. and i am saddened. but i still must swim to keep my body somewhat okay. so i dont just suddenly have a heartattack while i go blind sitting in front of my computer. whatever. i was watching a japanese drama yesterday. i thought japanese people only made crazy stuff like battle royale, ichi the killer, suicide club, casshern, etc. but apparently they make sad love stories also. but thats only one of the dramas. i was reading what other dramas are about and theres one about a school teacher that is supposed to be the next leader of the yakuza or something. so apparently that love drama is just a very special one. because all the other japanese stuff are insanely crazy. but that is redundant.