Monthly Archives: April 2005

today i drove with almost no gas. its really exciting. because of the fear of running out of gas completely. the calculator thing on the car that calculates how many miles left didn’t even work anymore. because level of gas was too low. so i drove and drove and felt the car power dissapear. and then. got to a gas station. and everything was fine. and then i got home and did homework. yay. on a completely unrelated topic, election things for class officers were yesterday. and i voted. i used my democratic powers and voted for losers that lost. but thats a little redundant. i think anyone that REALLY cares about the school shouldn’t run because they are just getting in the way for all the other kids that want the position for college stuff. the people that REALLY care about school should give those college-ambitious kids what they want. because if the college-ambitious kids lose, then all hell breaks loose and they start complaining about how their lives suck and they are forced to get a 5.0 gpa. and stuff. and thats really annoying.

d0 Nk3X: i wrote an emo song
d0 Nk3X: cuz i thoguht you died

today my english teacher said she didn’t want to teach. so she showed us a video made by some former student that is stationed in iraq. so we saw a bunch of pictures in a slideshow and listened to the music from that slideshow. and so i watched people run over by tanks and people’s heads half missing to the music of simple plan and similar emo bands like greenday. or whatever category these bands are in. punk. whatever. then i watched marines run around with their male organs hanging out and stupid stuff. they duct tape each other to beds and wrestle each other and hang pigeons and scare others away by hanging organs out pant holes. i think those military guys are stupid. they are in the middle of a battlefield and they are screwing around and being stupid. and then you get liberal teachers that are like ‘omg our military is getting shot and killed. i hate the government.’ i think those military people should actually do stuff instead of play around.

i f331 50 w45t3d: mmm
i f331 50 w45t3d: for the essay california thingy
i f331 50 w45t3d: some kid wrote
i f331 50 w45t3d: that kid in my class yeah
azN xrE taRD BOI: lol
i f331 50 w45t3d: anyway the teacher checked the essays before they were sent off
i f331 50 w45t3d: so uhhh
i f331 50 w45t3d: he’s not gonna be in pioneer anymore

today i realized. school takes up like 20% of life. it owns life. assuming 80 year life, at least 12 years of school and 4 extra years. thats too much. i think everyone should sit down and eat candy and be happy and die fat. and then not go to school and spend life eating. or not. i dont remember anything. my printer is out of ink. paper kills trees. trees are paper. dirt are trees. we are dirt. we are trees. trees are us.

BeatingIt2Hard: You know what’s a bad idea?
azN xrE taRD BOI: hm?
BeatingIt2Hard: At first I thought it didn’t really matter.
BeatingIt2Hard: But apparently it does with some people.
BeatingIt2Hard: You should never tell a girl that her thong is showing.
BeatingIt2Hard: I used to think otherwise.
azN xrE taRD BOI: lol
BeatingIt2Hard: But you know.
BeatingIt2Hard: I guess it is a “perverted” act to notify her of her situation.
BeatingIt2Hard: And it is bad enough to the point where the teacher sends you out.

i dont understand massaging. apparently people like getting touched by other people. its strange. oh well. today is 4/20/05. which is like 420. so there was very few people at school today. everyone else ran off to smoke strange plants. smoking is such a strange thing. i dont get why people like to put fire next to their face. and then burn pieces of paper and leaves. and then burn everything. they must be fire addicts and pyros. or something. i am tired. of school. and of being awake. i think i am sick. what a wonderful time to be sick. right before star9s, sats, ap tests, and calc finals. yay. wonderful.

lack of homework is unhealthy. i dont know what i am doing. homework is important because i can study by doing it. instead, they give me no homework and except me to study myself. and i end up doing nothing. and its bad. unhealthy for my grade. and unhealthy for my mind.

i had this really strange dream about racist supremecy groups. i was walking from calculus to english, so i had to walk through the quad. and so i walked. but suddenly, there was a black supremecist group in the quad. and they were doing one of their shows. they wore the same clothes as the kkk except the whiteness of the clothing was replaced by red and yellow (communist colors?. i dont really know why. its a dream.). and so i was very confused. and started to run to class. and the black supremecists weren’t really mean to anyone; instead they were dancing and singing about how happy they were. but the dream was really scary. i got to class and all the teachers were getting ready to join the supremecy group. but theres like one black teacher at school, so i didn’t really get it. and everyone closed in and i blew up. and died. my dream was in 2nd person. i think. im going to read sigmund freud’s intepretation of dreams. and intepretate all my dreams.

i had this weird dream that my computer was taking over my life. its like real life except it was a dream. and then my computer decided not to turn on. and it wanted me to pay it to turn on. and i didn’t want to pay. so i didn’t pay. and it started being mean to me. and taunting me. so i started to cry and it was a nightmare. literally. so then i pulled out its memory and reformatted it. and it solved all my problems. then i woke up and went to buy clothes. and all clothes is super expensive now! and stupid designed. i dont like stupid girls on my shirts and i dont like stupid words on my shirts. and i dont like blank shirts! so i ended up buying 1 shirt. and i need more.