Monthly Archives: March 2005

lan parties really suck. because after them no one gets any sleep so everyone passes out and dies. and then one person is usually left awake with nothing to do. but everyone is sleeping on the floor and that one person cant find any nice place to sleep. so he just watches the sun rise while playing warcraft 3. or to the deaths of kids killing each other from battle royale 2. there are too many sequels in this world. and too few spring breaks. but never enough ap tests. yayayayay!

one more day. and i shall be happy for 10 days or something. and then i will sink back into bored depression. and i will run around and do nothing. maybe prepare for those ap tests. because they are important. and study for more sats. because they are important. and then study for finals. because they are important. then study for next years finals. because they are important. and everything. because its all important. and then ill become a star and fly away. because we are stardust. and then i will shine and people will wish upon me. and ill piss them off by not granting them their wishes. and they will cry and i will laugh. because i will be a star. that took ap tests.

so some indian (christopher columbus was retarded type of indian) kid did some school shooting. apparently he was a nazi too. and he took 9 along with himself. its sad. because someone really hates other people so much he goes off and kills them all. and then kills himself because he hates everyone so much, i guess it affects his thoughts on himself also. but he was native american. and nazi. i think its quite strange. because he didn’t have any super race stuff. black hair, brown eyes. complete opposite. but i guess hitler was like that also. i wonder if hitler really succeeded in making super race, if he would have had to kill himself. because he wasn’t part of it. and he would be naturally selected out of it anyways. but it doesn’t matter. because history is unchangeable.

in art class, we are counterfeiting picasso paintings and drawings. and that is all that is happening in my life. ap tests are coming up soon. and so is spring break. but whatever. none of it matters. except for ap tests. because life is ap tests. and then more tests. and the tests after tests. and then we all die with our diplomas and junk. and then we can be happy and know that we had diplomas. and my eyeball hurts. eyeball cancer? maybe. i think ill gouge it out with a rusty spoon and then no more eyeball pains. but i cant do my apush reading. and life would be bad without apush. because it owns my life. and i should spend my whole life doing apush.

just because 1988 people get to take the first new sat. now they get to make us wait for like 4 weeks. instead of the normal 2 weeks something. to get scores. so fun. only 3 more weeks. and these 3 weeks. i will be in suspense. yet i will be happy. until the scores come out. then i will start to prepare for the test in may.

i still carry my sat admission ticket in my wallet. i dont really know why. i guess its for good luck. but apparently i had the worst luck in school yesterday. because i realized i screwed up on some project and then the ap money collector person wasn’t there. and then chem lab is due in one weekend. and on the same day as calc test. so im like lovely. and then my sat admission ticket didn’t do anything about it. it must be bad luck. but i dont want to get rid of it. because. if i do. maybe it will have effect on my sat score. and thats all that really matters right now. so i guess i have to believe im getting all this bad luck in school and then hope it works on my sat score. but it wont. and then ill be really cynical and pessimistic and think that that sat admission ticket was just pure bad luck. i hope i dont have to sit through another 4 hours of no.2 pencil test taking fun.

life is incredibly routine. apparently, some german guy won 20.4 million euros ($27 million) in the lottery. but he still worried about work and ran to work to try not to be late. apparently he has been stuck in the routine of going to work forever. and thats all. life could get boring. but then life could get very strange. because in belgium, a man was convicted of having sex with dogs. having compassion for “man’s best friend”. quite disgusting. but at least its not very routine. that belgian man has broken free from the boring life. and has been nonconformist. and now hes being put on trial for it! i say. let him do what he wants. just dont tell anyone else what he does. (all this news was found on today’s yahoo news)