Monthly Archives: March 2005

today is a holiday. i did not know that. apparently it is ceasar chavez day. how did i find out? because i went to the library today. and was ready to do project b. and my mom drove off. and then i walk up to library and saw that the library was closed. because of ceasar chavez. and so i called my home and told my mom to come pick me up after she got home. so i just sat there. being angry at ceasar chavez. because its his fault he closed the library. i will become famous one day. and demand my holiday to be celebrated for 365 days. and then the library will never open. except on leap years. and then apush students will have problems doing their projects a’s and b’s. yay.

today i woke up and took a shower. then i walked over to where my computer is. and then i pressed the on button. except my computer wasn’t there. and it wouldn’t turn on anyways. so i sat around and did calculus. because i need my daily good calculus. and then i went to driver’s training for the last time. and it was great. because driver training instructors are always late. the 1st time, he was late. 2nd time he got a flat tire. and today, there was a car accident. so its great because i can drive less. and then i drove and he made me drive on some hick road. and its just mountain roads and nothing around. so i drove and he fell asleep. i love winding roads. its so fun. and it sounds deep. because it could be symbolism. which i miss from not being in english ap. (not really). i dont even know what is happening in english. oh well.

i think my computer’s death has an effect on my body. i think i’m getting sick. i cant move anymore. my joints hurt. i have no goal in life anymore. nothing. life is really meaningless now.

so i decided its my motherboard’s fault. and i went to fry’s to get a new motherboard. i had a asus p4p800 deluxe. and then the guy was like ‘here this works’. and gave me a p5p800. apparently it was wrong chipset. and stupid. so im like cool. and still my computer is still dead. but i did salvage my project b outline and progress report stuff. and all that other junk. but its still dead. and i have to use my sisters computer. which sucks. but oh well. because i can only find my motherboard online. and its going to take forever to ship here. oh well.

there is one thing in this world that i hate a lot. and that is my computer. i was listening to my wonderful 29 minute x japan song. and i was almost done. right at the climax. when suddenly my computer shuts down. so im like. oh okay. and i turn it back on. simple enough. but it really didn’t turn back on. so im like. wow. cool. and i press buttons. and nothing happens. so i think my power supply is broken. so i test an old power supply and it works. so i go out and buy a new one. and plug it in. suddenly it doesn’t work. and then i try the old one and it works. and i try all of them. and they all work. but only when i plug it into my motherboard. and then everything dies. and nothing works. and now something works. my computer is haunted. the little bytes want to come out and kill me. too bad i have project b progress report saved on my computer and i cant retrieve it because my computer is down. and its on a sata harddrive. and i have no other computer in my house that can run sata harddrives. life really sucks. and to make life even more crappier, i had drivers training in the middle of this mess. i hate my computer. and i hate everything. life is nonsense. i dont want to breathe tomorrow morning.

g2g. fine. okay. bye. yea. thanks. word. oh. i see. i dislike 3 things in life. calculus homework over break. project b. and fancy websites that lag the computer and dont really add any effect. i just want to get through the site. i think the internet should have no fancy images and junk. it should just be plain text and links. which are sorted like folders on a computer. it would be great. and easy to navigate. but it wouldn’t be fancy. and thats good. because then people wouldn’t spend so much time at the computer on the internet. and getting fat like me. and wouldn’t die when walking to another place.

im floating. because i am bored. i dont know what to do. i could do homework. but week breaks just cause super procrastination. i have to do many things. but i could do them later. i should start ap studying. but i wont. because i have a week. and thats all. and theres this one guy on ebay. with lots of japanese indie cds. well, he has fra-foa. and i am amazed. and i love him. but he doesn’t love me. he only loves my money. i want all the fra-foa cds. i will collect every release. all 8 or so singles. both albums. and then ill be so happy. and ill go kill myself. but first i will need to get a copy of last quarter. platinum limited edition box version of course. of course thats sold out already. and now i have nothing to do. because its gone. and ill never find it again. because its GONE. FOREVER. WHGRLWKGHRLKGJWR. tear tear. but whatever. i have too many kill bill posters. my sister got me one yesterday because she went to great america yesterday and apparently they sold them there. i have 3. but thats not all of them. because tarantino decided to make billions of versions. i want the kill bill door poster, with all the characters and junk. and a battle royale one. but they cost too much. sad.