Monthly Archives: February 2005

so apparently for this career thing that the school wants to give everyone, a personality test will help determine our future. so basically they are going to make us take some online quiz which will help us make decisions. strange. someone interpretting my personality will choose my job for me. i dont get it. because a person knows himself best. or something. people are whoever they want to be. because of power of suggestion. and some crazy psychological junk. and its all too much for me.

yay. school starts tomorrow. i love long breaks because they destroy brain cells. it just ends up hurting me. even though breaks can be nice. but nothing really happens. and boredom happens. and then nothing else happens. and then i go crazy and run around and wish i could do something. but i cant do anything. because there is nothing to do. and i just sit here. and deteriorate my body even more. on school days at least i get to walk to my classes. during breaks. im just sitting here. and dying.

i had a dream that i had a pet albatross. i think thats what it was. its like a huge seagull ish bird. and then it was my friend. and we went to lake tahoe and it was yellling and talking to me about how it hated the cold. and i was like. yay. i hate cold too. and then i woke up and realized i was freezing.

but whatever. i dont care.

d0Nk3X: i think it’d be fun to be friends with a dark templar
azN xrE taRD BOI: really.
d0Nk3X: cuz he brings a sword to school every day but no one sees it
d0Nk3X: and like
d0Nk3X: he’s really a super hero
d0Nk3X: he has a cape and all
d0Nk3X: and his cousins are like
d0Nk3X: weather controllers
d0Nk3X: and drug dealers
d0Nk3X: i mean cmon
d0Nk3X: psi storms?
d0Nk3X: and hallucinations?
d0Nk3X: just giving everyone drugs so they see things
d0Nk3X: and then the dark templar goes in
d0Nk3X: and steals shit
d0Nk3X: cuz no one can see him

Your Brain is 60.00% Female, 40.00% Male

Your brain is a healthy mix of male and female

You are both sensitive and savvy

Rational and reasonable, you tend to keep level headed

But you also tend to wear your heart on your sleeve

how cool. im on my way to become a crossdressing jrocker. only need to get rid of that 40% male.

last night, i ran and ran. in the dark. ran until it was day. kept running. running from nothing at all. just the urge to run and so i ran. i ran past school. i ran past almaden lake. ran past the highway. and i continued running. never stopped. never felt tired. the energy surged in my body. then something occurred to me. i haven’t exercised in so long. this is almost. unreal. this could not be happening. then i woke up and realized how correct i was. so i could run no more.

i bet this korn falling apart was just a setup to get everyone to start listening to korn again. and then buy their cds. i bet Head never really left korn. and hes lying about how he now believes in a religion. cuz after i heard the news, i started listening to all those lovely songs and then suddenly, i felt the urge to get the greatest hits cd. because its so.. lovely. so its probably just made up stuff that korn is using to increase their downhill business.

requiem for a dream is the strangest movie ever. some girl wants to start some company, but she has no money. so she makes her boyfriend get money for her. so boy starts selling drugs and eventually gets addicted himself. this addiction gets his left arm all screwed up and all the vessels in his arm are like falling apart. the boy’s mom is chosen to be on some game show, but shes fat. and she wants to wear some red dress, so she starts taking diet pills to fit in the red dress. she starts eating them every second and this has some effect on her mind. soon shes seeing the tv characters in her room and the refrigerator starts to attack her. theres much more drug addiction going on. and stuff happens. the boy starts to get angry and is like omfg stupid girl, why dont you get money yourself. and so eventually the girl becomes a prostitute and is getting money as quickly as the other drug dealers. the ending is sad because everyone just gets screwed up. i guess that was the point of the movie. whatever. it was a lovely movie. until it started getting nasty.