Monthly Archives: January 2005

life isn’t so easy. if it wasn’t so easy, who would live? no one in his right mind would go take a challenge. unless people like to get challenged. but then that means humans are stupid and illogical. because if life had a bunch of challenges and people loved to fight it, it would all be meaningless at the end because everyone is dead. but if people dont like challenges. then they were stupid for making that quote in the first place. so people in general are stupid.

rubik’s cubes are fun. except i can never solve them. i always get one side. and then when i try for others. that one side gets messed up, so i never complete it. therefore, i conclude that things cant be completely in parts. it has to be done all at once. or it will all crap out. and mess up. therefore integration by parts is stupid. because you cant divide things into parts. its all a mess. and it craps out itself. and its stupid. or something.

everytime i wake up. i feel weird. and im still sleepy, so i rub my eyes. and its weird because it feels like my eyes fell out. i hear a squishy sound and suddenly, my eyes are like lovely again. squishes my eyeballs back into where they belong. and then my eyes start hurting and i fall asleep again.

good. thats nice. i dislike leechers. they just download a bunch of junk. and dont share much. and it sucks even more when they download at like 1.2 kbps. but i dont feel like banning them. cuz im nice. but i decided i will. because they suck. and they commit lechery. and go do bad things. not really. miyavi is funny because hes such a bad singer. but hes honest about it. and his instrumental stuff sucks. but thats all okay. because hes honest. observe:

Onpu No Tegami Translations:

I’m not good at piano but, would you still listen to me?

Even though I’m playing the three cord, would it still get through to you?

I always, always, had something I wanted to tell you.

But I’m bad at putting them into words, and it’s embarassing,

so I put it into notes.

Even if my throat gets torn into pieces, even if I get a polyp.

I will go on shouting for you, for you, for all my life.

…That’s what I have decided just now. Yup, I have decided.

there is a dir en grey song called ‘the final’. and finals are approaching. so it seemed like a great song to fit the mood. and it does! ‘the final’ is about suicide. it is “A song that’s not even seeking the proof of living.” so i think its time to study. “Let’s put an end… The Final“. yay. study is fun.

it would be interesting to be a celebrity that no one knows about. like mana from malice mizer / moi dix mois. cuz he’s like unknown. no one knows his real birthday. people know the date, but dont know they year. and people dont know his real name. apparently he never talks or smiles in public, so no one knows anything about him! and yet hes a famous celebrity. that would be so funny. laughing at everyone know nothing. or maybe he’s just not famous enough.

lol. chiaki kuriyama just has to stab a boy in the balls in every movie doesn’t she. in kill bill, she kills that guy asking her about ferraris. and then in battle royale, she kills that boy that wants to sleep with her. and in the azumi 2 trailer, shes stabbing some guy who is leaned over. so sad. but its funny.

momento was funny. because its annoyingly backwards and the movie runs in like rewind. and i think it would have been easier to watch if it was watched in rewind. but it was lovely thinking of all that crazy stuff fitting together and junk. i want short term memory. so i can accidentally kill the wrong people.