Monthly Archives: January 2005

i was going to write some random post about how i should work. but i decided not to. because i didn’t know what to write. and i was uninspired to write it. so i deleted it. and started over. and now im writing this. and i am uninspired to write this. my tastes change. my mouth feels weird right now and i dont know why. it feels like the saliva is dissolving my mouth apart, so soon ill have a hole in my mouth. and then ill drool everywhere. and people will think im retarded. some people are weird. like shiina ringo. she covers songs she writes. so its like. the same thing again. its weird.

i like the restroom. but only when i need it. sometimes its just there taking up an extra room. an extra room which could be used for other things. but i cant do anything about it. because everyone likes it sometimes. and what am i talking about. this is an incredibly random thing. yea. whatever. time magazine or newsweek was talking about the randomness of ipods. and i says that its not very random. because it selects some things very often. time talked about green day. and how they are old now and have stopped writing songs that are shorter than 3 minutes. its funny because green day has a bunch of old guys with tattoos and they try to act young by dressing all weird and in black and putting on eye shadow makeup junk. but they still have those saggy wrinkles. silly people.

today i realized that i dislike finals with free response questions. because it takes forever to grade them. and all i can do is sit here and wait. the suspense is killing me. because one of those free response finals were in a borderline class. and i watch as he inputs other assignments. and my grade bounces back and forth. its intense.

i dislike half-days because i have too much extra time. and i dont use time efficiently. i do the same amount of things on a normal day as in a half-day. so i feel sad because im wasting my time. and time is important. at least we are taught to think that way.

people are so competitive. even during the time they take the finals. one person coughs. and then everyone starts to compete. its like. they want to spread the plague and show their plague is better than everyone else’s. and everyone just has to breathe. so the room gets all hot and nasty. and sickening. and. i HATE B+’s. because i get some retarded B+ in APUSH and im angry. because i should have worked harder or something. and its stupid. its so close. and its so far. and its the same as a 80%. its all the same! i hate it. im going to ask my teacher to lower my grade. so i can be cool. and brag about how close i was. and that i didn’t get that one letter grade under. i hate this. cant wait for tomorrow’s finals.

i f331 50 w45t3d: btw i’m talking to you and random people because i’d rather look stupid than study for finals

it begins.

i have too much time. but not enough to do. except study. school has a tendency to bore people. as does the work and stuff and all that reading. so much. yet so little.

i f331 50 w45t3d: JUST EGG MY HOUSE

i f331 50 w45t3d: I NEED FOOD

finals are coming up. but it hasn’t hit me yet. but somehow. at this time. my internet is starting to lag down. so i guess its a good thing. because then. ill get so bored, ill start to study. and then ill be okay. but somehow its like another side is fighting. my playlist on random is selecting all these very. uninspiring songs. they are so silly and sad. and angry and blah blah. instead of selecting instrumental music that i can study to. its all this talking and blah blah. so its a battle. of whether to work hard and study. because theres no finals tomorrow. tuesday, wednesday, and thursday. only worries are apush and chem. both quite borderline. on the two ends of the final week.. i should. begin.