Monthly Archives: December 2004

sitting around with nothing to do, i whip out the tetris and start playing. i realize that most mistakes are because i see a better spot i could put the block in and try to move the falling block over. however, it is too late and changing things for the better became a mistake and created problems. this leads to more problems. and it builds up. another reason is hastiness. drop block, but its one square off. and a hole is made. and annoyances are created. tetris is life. dont try to make things for the better. it just ends up screwing everything up. just do whatever you were doing.

lol. theres a rumor about how dir en grey turned less visual after their latest album making them look more like the gender they were born into affecting their fan base negatively. apparently japanese fans like girly men. but i thought their latest album was better than the others. hm. and this loss in fanbase because of less feminine is making the band depressed apparently and they might think of breaking up. JUST BECAUSE THEY ARE NOT DRESSED FEMININE. japanese people are so weird.

“Any reality is an opinion, you make up your own reality.” – Timothy Leary

i had a weird dream that i walked into calculus thinking there was a test the next day, only to find the test was today. and i was not prepared. so i didn’t have the 5 sheets of paper needed. i only had 3. and then i failed the test because it was asking questions about the ap test, like how many questions type questions rather than math questions. then i woke up. and then. i had another dream about playing kingdom hearts. and i beat it in a few hours. which was weird. but i found that whenever the dream got to its happiest part, i woke up. it happens with every dream. its like my brain knows when i will wake up, so it creates a dream at the last second.

i dislike waking up so late in the day during these breaks. since i wake up at like noon, once i wake up, my stomach hurts from the lack of food. then i just sit around waiting for lunch. because im hungry. and i just found out of this lovely visual band. those guys that dress as girls. World’s First CHINESE Visual Band! (even says this on their website): Silver Ash. and i thought chinese people would never do that weird visual stuff. because chinese are so. strict. i can understand japanese because they do a lot of weird stuff and start a bunch of new trends. so apparently, new trend has been set. go visual bands! i bet in 2 years, amerikan bands will all be visual. you can already see the effects in all those gothic boys that wear eyeliner and junk. its a new beginning! visual bands are great. but their visualness doesn’t add much effect to their music. heck, most bands dont even dress like girls on stage. dir en grey looks incredibly weird without the makeup. but its all good. because theres no effect on their music.

BeatingIt2Hard: Oh shet.

BeatingIt2Hard: lol.

BeatingIt2Hard: I got a bottle of what I thought was apple cider.

BeatingIt2Hard: But it turned out to be wine o.o

sitting around with nothing to do, i turn on the radio to discover music that i have not heard in quite a long time. music that i understand without the help of translators. its amazing really. listen to this great coldplay and then some emo songs. and more emo songs. and more and more. and then. i stop. and turn on the kagrra, dir en grey, pierrot stuff. and get happy. and i realize. this break is really boring. theres not much to do. i will draw.

i watched the terminal and i thought it was a pretty good movie until the ending because it was disappointing. he just wanted some jazz guy’s signature. so silly. his dad must have been some hardcore fan. and also that girl had nothing really to do with the movie. so she was just added to add some napoleon talk.

chinese poets are funny. because they writing about the moon and nighttime and reminiscing and drinking wine. they like to sit next to a pond and drink wine with the moon. and then they get drunk and look in the water and see the moon, so they jump in to try to find the moon. and they drown. well, that was one chinese poet. but im generalizing. whatever. who cares. asian people are suicidal. and bad drivers. so therefore, i must live up to that bad driving standard and run everyone over and crash into stationary objects.

its break. and i dont really have any goals these 2 weeks. so i think ill have a lame time. ill stop walking and never walk again. and then it will be because these two weeks i didn’t do anything and had no goals. its so boring.

* Entered room emo


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