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i love how battle royale got related to al qaeda terrorism.

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now that 2004 is almost over, yahoo has released the most searched terms throughout 2004. apparently, the most searched term in 2004 was american idol. which is stupid. but it has dethroned britney spears, paris hilton, and jessica simpson. but all that is meaningless. because the most searched term in april was chiaki kuriyama!. ha. actor of gogo in kill bill. such a small part that she plays and she is now number 1.

Yahoo! Search 2004 Top Movers of Each Month:

------------ -------------------------- -----------------------------
January Oscar Nominations When the list of eligible
winners becomes available,
movie buffs and the general
public alike want to know if
their favorite actors and
pictures are up for one of
the prestigious awards.
------------ -------------------------- -----------------------------
February Janet Jackson Pictures Super Bowl "wardrobe
malfunction" rips people's
attention away from the New
England Patriots' second
championship win in three
------------ -------------------------- -----------------------------
March ACC Tournament With an overtime victory, the
Maryland Terps beat Duke to
capture their first ACC
Championship in 20 years.
------------ -------------------------- -----------------------------
April Chiaki Kuriyama Quentin Tarantino's Kill Bill
is released on DVD and
searches for the actress who
played the baddie-wielding
villain swing upward.
------------ -------------------------- -----------------------------
May Muntada Al-Ansar Terrorists in Iraq record the
beheading of American hostage
Nick Berg and post video
footage of the act on this
radical website.
------------ -------------------------- -----------------------------
June MTV Movie Awards Teen hottie Lindsay Lohan
hosts, Eminem's crowd-mooning
antics are edited out, and
Lord of the Rings: The
Return of the King takes
home Best Movie of the Year.
------------ -------------------------- -----------------------------
July Whoopi Goldberg Slim Fast cuts the fat and
fires the comedian for
making lewd puns at a fund-
raiser for the John Kerry-
John Edwards presidential
------------ -------------------------- -----------------------------
August The Brown Bunny After being panned in Cannes
by audiences and critics,
Vincent Galllo's racy film
heats things up across the
Atlantic with its limited
release in American theaters.
------------ -------------------------- -----------------------------
September Britney Spears Wedding Oops she did it again -- the
pop star weds for the second
time in 2004, this time to
Kevin Federline.
------------ -------------------------- -----------------------------
October Christopher Reeve People mourn the loss of the
onscreen Superman and real
world crusader for stem-cell
------------ -------------------------- -----------------------------
November Star Wars 3 Trailer The galaxy may be far, far
away, but a sneak peak at the
much anticipated flick lets
fans know that the next Star
Wars installment is within
------------ -------------------------- -----------------------------
December Julie Berry Survivor host Jeff Probst
wins the heart of the
voted-off contestant and
announces to the world that
they are an item.
------------ -------------------------- -----------------------------


on soulseek, theres an option to write things that you like or dislike. i looked on the global rankings for the most disliked things. and one of them is nazis. then another is jews. they also dont like racism. or fascism. and the 2nd most disliked thing is george w. bush. the first musical person is britney spears followed by fred durst. apparently people dont like microsoft either. but its kind of stupid hating microsoft because they still use it. every single religion that i know of is on the most disliked list so i guess everyone hates each other. and a funny thing is “people that hate more than they like”. which is like everyone on soulseek. and “ozzy osbourne’s shitheaded kids” aren’t too popular. and close to the top, about 10th most hated thing is.. “you”. how vague.

Your Dominant Intelligence is Spatial Intelligence

You’ve got a good sense of space and how the world around you looks.

You can close your eyes and “see” images. You have innate artistic talent.

An eye for color and shapes, you’re also a natural designer.

Since you think in pictures, visual aids and demonstartions help you learn best.

You would make a good navigator, sculptor, visual artist, inventor, architect, interior designer, or engineer.

those building homes for the poor tv shows dont really make sense. because those people are so poor, they can’t afford to live in those big houses. their taxes and bills will go soaring into the sky and then. they cant pay it. so all that house was useless. and why are they so unfortunate to be fortunate to get all this free stuff. its not quite fair. they should help more families instead of just one family. bah.

house of flying daggers was a good movie. until it got all deep and tricky about the acting of acting of acting and more acting and tricks and lies. what i learned was that. girls are quite evil. because zhang ziyi caused two friendish people to start attacking each other and almost kill each other and stab each other. and bleed everywhere on the snow. then suddenly, she gets up and then she dies. and they all die. and its just death all through the story. but i do like that bamboo walking and the flying daggers. they should have more of that stuff. and blind girls should hit trees every now and then. it had great potential.

merry christmas. but why is it merry? why not happy? like all the other holidays. christmas is so different that they change the word before it. its weird. but it does not matter. because its today.